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“Abortion doula” celebrates being at the side of 2,000 women who have aborted

by | Aug 27, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. My family and I will be on our vacation through August 27. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the stories our readers have told us they especially liked.

Very recently a story appeared online, talking about this one woman who had undergone an enormous number of abortions. It received a lot of attention until a few people took the time to take a closer look and saw that the source tells you at the bottom that the site is satiric. It was all a kind of sick “joke.”

To be honest that is the first thing I thought of when I read a BBC story headlined, “I’ve been an ‘abortion doula’ 2,000 times”  2,000?

A quick explanation for or those who may not know what an “abortion doula” is.

It’s women who counsel/console/comfort/transport mothers who are aborting their children. Like everything abortion touches, the work of an abortion doula corrupts what a birth doula traditionally does: assist a woman during childbirth.

Back to the BBC’s Kirstie Brewer and her story about Vicki Bloom. Turns out since she joined the non-profit Doula Project in New York in 2010, Bloom “has been in the room for more than 2,000 [abortion] procedures.”

The whole point (as you would guess going in) of the story is to “normalize” what Bloom does, to make a direct equivalency between what she is assisting and what a birth doula does. And, naturally, to tell women that aborting their child is best for everyone (with the possible exception of the about-to-be dead child).

“I had thought that would feel weird while they were terminating a pregnancy, but actually it makes a lot of sense,” says the 50-year-old doula and former food scientist.

“Making sure they can take the best care of the kids they have factors into a lot of people’s choice to have an abortion, so their kids may be on their mind.

“I also feel like some people may want to talk about how they take care of their kids to get reassurance that they are a good parent and a good person.”

So, if you off your unborn child, you’re “a good parent” and “a good person” if you tell yourself this allows you to be a better mother to the kids who’ve safely made it down the birth canal. Who knew?

There are some differences, Brewer explains. The abortion doula is not around as long as a birth doula. Something (unspoken) about it taking less time to kill a baby than deliver her.

What else? “Witnessing,” in Bloom’s words.

“I will stand up by their head and be looking into that person’s eyes, ready for whatever they need, while the doctor is doing the procedure,” she says. “Even in clinics where staff are amazing, having someone in that dedicated role can be so valuable.”

For later-stage abortions, which require women to go under general anaesthetic, Doula Project volunteers will offer to be there not just before, but also while the woman is unconscious.

“Witnessing is a big part of what doulas do,” says Bloom. “Some people find it a great comfort to know someone they know, and who they connected with, will be there during the procedure, even if they’re asleep.”

I was going to comment at length on this but suffice it to say that it is a strange way to “witness”—to stand by while a large baby is either poisoned, be induced and then not cared for, or carved into pieces.

It’s a remarkable piece, but all the stories I have read about “abortion doulas” are remarkable. As I once observed, the core message is a kind of lethal solidarity where the abortion doula learns to master the “list of neutral phrases and topics” to use while the woman takes her child’s life.

Naturally the real moral of these kinds of stories (but not even alluded to in Brewer’s all-smiles account) is that if the abortion doula has any moral, ethical, or spiritual hurtles, she leaves them in the dust.

She has become a kind of born-again true believer in death who will lift up the spirits of the aborting woman and offer the woman her own brand of secular dispensation.


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