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Adult Stem Cell Recipient “on the road to recovery”

by | Aug 12, 2019

Scleroderma Patient Returns to Active Lifestyle

Washington, D.C.— From Stem Cell Research Facts, a project of Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), comes the video story of Dave Kurtz, a seven-time Ironman competitor crippled with pain and fatigue from systemic scleroderma. But thanks to a successful adult stem cell transplant, Dave is on the road to recovery.

Following his diagnosis and the sudden change to his formerly active lifestyle, Dave sank into a deep depression, but with the encouragement of his wife, Dave began to research treatments and read about adult stem cells. Dave said:

“When I learned that an adult stem cell transplant was a possibility, I felt great. There was some hope.”

Dave’s wife Jill Kurtz added:

“Dave’s quality of life since the adult stem cell transplant has drastically improved, and it’s just a miracle from where he was to what he can do now. The adult stem cell transplant made Dave think about life more. It’s fragile.”

Two years after receiving his adult stem cell transplant, Dave’s days competing in Ironman triathlons are now behind him, but he has a new ambitious goal: sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. To hear more from Dave and Jill and to watch Dave’s powerful story, click here.

Systemic scleroderma is a group of rare diseases that involve the hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues. The systemic type of the disease affects the whole body, including the blood and internal organs, and especially the kidneys, esophagus, heart and lungs. Studies have shown adult stem cells to be an effective treatment for scleroderma.

Dr. David Prentice, CLI Vice President and Research Director, said,

“Adult stem cells continue to show that they are the real gold standard of stem cells, the only stem cell with proven, life-saving potential. Published science from valid, approved clinical trials documents the healing and the hope found in adult stem cells.

Dr. Prentice is available for media to discuss the exciting progress in and promise of adult stem cell treatments. For a more comprehensive list of all CLI associate scholars, please visit our website here.

Adult stem cells have successfully treated dozens of conditions including scleroderma, sickle cell disease, heart damage, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and systemic lupus, among others.

Stem Cell Research Facts offers resources on adult stem cell therapies and profiles patients who have been successfully treated with adult stem cells.

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