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Even the Washington Post understands there is a tight bond between pro-lifers and President Trump—and why

by | Aug 23, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

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Pro-life President Donald Trump

When reporters write about how much the pro-life community appreciates President Donald Trump, all too often they offer only one or two examples of why that would be the case. Not so with Paige Winfield Cunningham’s story in today’s Washington Post which ran under the 100% accurate headline, “Trump has done much for abortion foes and they love him for it.”

Her lead paragraph (and in boldface, no less) captures the dynamic perfectly:

Abortion foes are one group standing enthusiastically with President Trump as he seeks reelection next year, delighted the president has prioritized their cause over his two years in office and freshly invigorated by his eagerness to describe abortion in strong terms and call for its end.

In other words symbolically, stylistically, and substantially, President Trump has made support for unborn babies a real priority. A POLITICO story from earlier this week began by trivializing the President’s “confrontation” with pro-abortion Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) over abortion as little more than an illustration of “how the president has ramped up his interest in issues dear to his hard-core religious supporters.”

Later in the same story, however, Gabby Orr wrote, “A White House official, who did not witness Trump’s confrontation with Coons, said it illustrates how the president “genuinely views abortion… and isn’t afraid to make the Democrats defend their extreme positions.”

President Trump was animated in his talk with Sen. Coons, to the point where, according to POLITICO’s Orr, he “laced into the Democratic senator over controversial moves to change statewide policies on abortion that have roiled New York and Virginia politics in recent weeks.”

The Post’s Cunningham offered multiple examples of the President’s activist posture on abortion, including the radically pro-abortion proposals in New York and Virginia. To name just a few…

Trump has gone after abortion providers and access to the procedure through agency regulations, judicial appointments and budget requests. He most recently used strong language to describe Virginia and New York measures making it easier to obtain abortions late in pregnancy, calling on Congress to pass antiabortion legislation and even personally confronting Democrats over the issue. …

With assurances of support from Trump, Republicans have been pushing the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act” as a way of drawing attention to late-term abortions, after confusing and controversial remarks by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D). The bill, sponsored by Sasse says an infant “born alive at any stage of development” is a person under federal law and clarifies the care they must receive.

There is nothing “confusing” but plenty that is “controversial” about what Gov. Northam said when he appeared on WTOP radio.

He defended the “Repeal Bill,” since defeated in committee, that the sponsor readily conceded allowed abortion through the third trimester—“40 weeks,” to quote sponsor state Del. Kathy Tran. Northam even defended failure to treat abortion survivors (beyond making them “comfortable”), if that’s what the woman and the abortionist want.

That is infanticide, plain and simple, a policy more and more Democrats tacitly support even as they hate it when people properly apply that description to what Democrats like Tran and Northam believe in.

There’s much more in Cunningham’s story.

For example, she writes about the (expanded) Mexico City policy, conscience protection, and Trump’s two appointments to the Supreme Court, to name just three.

Suffice it to say, our Movement has a champion in the White House, the importance of which cannot be overstated.

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