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Orders coming in for NRLC 2019 CDs and MP3s. Order yours.

by | Aug 13, 2019

The awesome 2019 National Right to Life Convention in Charleston, SC ended over a month ago but orders for CDs and MP3s continue to come in. And that is how it should be.

We know that only a tiny fraction of the millions of pro-lifers can attend National Right to Life’s annual convention. That is why the convention goes to such lengths to make sure you have the next best thing to physically being present in Charleston.

NRLC’s annual convention hosted 48 workshops, 3 general sessions, a Friday opening Luncheon, and a Saturday evening closing Banquet. And that doesn’t even count 11 teen workshops where the next generation of pro-life leaders sharpened their skills and deepened their commitment to unborn children and their mothers.

You can purchase some or all of these resources, either as MP3s or CDs.

An individual CD is $8. And individual MP3 is $5.00. A complete set of CDs is $400, and an entire set of MP3s on a USB drive is only $250. Go here to view all sessions with descriptions and to order!

Once you’ve perused the list, be sure to alert your pro-life friends and family. They, too, will likely want to be “part of the action” that took place July 5th and 6th!

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