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Pro-abort NY Mayor bobs and weaves on late-term abortions, tells Hannity abortion is “a sacred choice for women”

by | Aug 8, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Fox News video screenshot

When as mayor you are deeply—deeply—unpopular with the people of your city, and your “standing” among Democrat presidential candidates is literally zero, why not go on Sean Hannity’s show? Thus did pro-abortion New York Mayor Bill deBlasio appear last night. (You can watch it on the Internet or read the transcript here.)

It was everything you would expect—and more. Words such as “contentious” hardly do the exchanges justice.

But deBlasio’s answers are a roadmap to how Democrats who are adamantly against any limitation on abortion (and infanticide) will respond, if asked.

To be clear, Hannity’s questioning was a hundred times more probing than any softball pitches “moderators” at a CNN-sponsored debates will lob to Democrats. But still, let’s see how deBlasio handled the questions.

HANNITY: Okay. Now, we have a lot of controversial issues. Do you support any restrictions on abortion?

DE BLASIO: Look: —

HANNITY: Oh, that’s a simple question.

De BLASIO: It’s a simple answer. I believe in Roe v. Wade, I believe this decision to attain a woman and a doctor.

Thus was the template established. Specific question, rote answer in which DeBlasio avoided responding to what Hannity asked.

Question Two:

HANNITY: Right, but where it’s gotten controversial is for example in Virginia when you have a bill proposed that would allow during birth dilation abortions and a Governor of Virginia that said, well, first we are going to birth the baby and make the baby comfortable hang on then we’ll let the mother decide. Do you support any restrictions on abortion? That’s a simple question.

DE BLASIO: It’s a simple answer. I believe in Roe V. Wade under choice: —

Hannity tries to get him focus and—as you would expect—deBlasio filibusters and acts as if Hannity is the simplifier, not himself.

There are several more exchanges but deBlasio’s primary technique is what pro-abortion Democrats always fall back to: late-late term abortions are a figment of the pro-life imagination.

HANNITY: Okay. I have many – I live in New York. I have many friends that are Democrats and consider themselves pro-choice. But, for example, do you think a woman in the ninth month putting aside health, putting aside life of the mother; do you support any restrictions until the baby is born? That’s a simple question.

DE BLASIO: No, I believe it’s a smoke screen because it doesn’t happen in America. We didn’t make this choice. It’s a sacred choice for women.

So, ninth month abortions don’t happen—they do, and even more do in the 7th and 8th month when the child is viable under any criteria—but who cares anyway because the deliberate execution of an unborn baby is “a sacred choice for women.”

Several more exchanges—in which Hannity asks about abortions in the 8th month–and then this conclusion:

HANNITY: Here is my simple question. 8 months into pregnancy, should a woman be allowed legally to have an abortion?

De BLASIO: Again, I’ve told you I believe woman’s right to choose. This is a smoke screen. I’m not answering your way. I’m answering my way

Yes, de Blasio, like all his fellow competitors for their party’s presidential nomination, will answer the way he wants to. Abortions on pain-capable unborn children don’t happen, but even if they did—which Democrats would never concede– so what? “Women’s rights to choose …is under attack.”

Some still think abortion won’t be a prominent issue next year. Talk about missing the obvious.

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