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Safety ‘Too Expensive?’

by | Aug 1, 2019

Delta Abortion Facility Continues to Put Women at Risk

By Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director, Louisiana Right to Life

The abortion industry loves to say that abortion is safe. Of course, they ignore the baby. Abortion is violent for the baby.

But this spring, we again saw that abortion, and especially the facilities that sell it, aren’t safe. Not only did the Baton Rouge Delta abortion facility employ a doctor on probation, but their lack of basic supplies such as IV fluids led to a woman’s hysterectomy. And only months earlier, Delta’s owner, Leroy Brinkley, said appropriate nursing staff was “too expensive.”

As the Supreme Court considers whether or not they will further consider our admitting privileges law, I hope they take a look at what happened in Baton Rouge. It is appalling that the Supreme Court will not even let a state regulate facilities within its borders. It’s time a change is made.

P.S. As for good news, 66% of our legislators had a 100% voting record from 2016-2019. If your legislator is in that number, be sure to thank them

P.S.S. For more about Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, see here.

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