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Suicide is never “elegant” or “stylish.” It is always a tragic loss.

by | Aug 19, 2019

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Nick Goiran, a Liberal MLC from Western Australia [WA], responded to an article published by The Sunday Times on August 4 that accused Goiran of being cruelly indifferent to Western Australians taking their own life.

in The Sunday Times on August 11, Goiran clarified what he actually said concerning suicide and his position opposing euthanasia.

Goiran, who was a member of the Western Australian End of Life Choices committee, stated that he does not encourage or endorse suicide but suicide is a choice that is available to Western Australians.

Goiran wrote:

the report went on to say: “While the final choice, of suicide, is a choice that is available to Western Australians, it is certainly not a choice which the State encourages or promotes. In fact suicide prevention policies and programs have had long standing bipartisan support, as every life in this State matters.

Those who follow Goiran’s political career will know that Goiran not only was part of the End of Life Choices committee, he wrote a 248 masterful minority report, undermining the support for legalizing euthanasia in the “official” report.

Goiran commented on the antics of euthanasia campaign Philip Nitscke, who promotes suicide with his new suicide machine. Goiran writes:

We have a significant suicide problem in WA and this is no time for dangerous mixed messages. The world’s first 3D-printable suicide machine has been on show in Australia. Exit International’s director and suicide machine inventor, Philip Nitschke, said he hoped the machine will appeal to those seeking an “elegant and stylish” death under Victoria’s new euthanasia laws.

He then quotes Dr. Michael Gannon, the past president of the Australian Medical Association who said:

“I have serious concerns about a community where we make arbitrary decisions about whose life is valuable enough to continue and whose should be ended under the law.”

Goiran then concludes:

Suicide is never elegant and stylish. It is always a tragic loss.

Thank you Nick.

This is a link to the minority report written by Nick Goiran titled: License to care not to kill.

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