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2019 Virginia Pro-Life Survey: Your Response Needed Without Delay!

by | Sep 3, 2019

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Radical pro-abortion politicians like Governor Ralph Northam, abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and their activist supporters are determined to push for abortion-on-demand up until birth and beyond, all paid for with YOUR taxpayer dollars.

We are just as determined to prevent Virginia from becoming another New York by defeating this extreme pro-abortion agenda. But we need your help TODAY.

Please complete the 2019 Virginia Pro-Life Survey to help ensure that we can defeat any attempt to adopt a New York-style abortion law here in Virginia.


This survey of tens of thousands of Virginians is designed to measure the depth and breadth of outrage average Virginian’s feel about the extreme comments by Governor Northam and Delegate Tran while pushing their radical pro-abortion agenda.

VSHL will distribute a full report on the results of this survey to . . .

  • Governor Northam
  • Lt. Governor Fairfax
  • Attorney General Herring
  • Every member of the State Legislature (House and Senate)
  • Throughout the news media

Our plan to stop this radical agenda includes . . .

1) Distributing and collecting tens of thousands of these pro-life surveys to show how outraged Virginians from across the Commonwealth are with Delegate Kathy Tran’s bill to allow abortions until birth without restrictions, with Gov. Northam’s comments about letting babies who survive aborations die after they are born, and any attempt to make Virginia another New York.

2) Bypassing the dishonest “fake news” media to expose facts of the extreme agenda of the pro-abortion lobby and their politician friends like Gov. Northam.

We do this with emails like this one you are reading now – also by radio ads, letters, postcards, Facebook, Twitter, talk radio, and grassroots activism (like the Virginia March for Life).

3) To activate pro-life Virginian’s to get involved and fight the pro-abortion lobby. We will do this through our 2019 Pro-life Voter Mobilization Action Plan and our 2020 Stop Infanticide, Vote Pro-Life Campaign during the 2020 session of the Virginia General Assembly, and other activities to advance the cause of life.

You can start helping this effort by taking your survey.

VSHL has been in this fight for a long time. We were the first state-wide pro-life organization in the country. And even now we are the only state-wide single-issue pro-life group in Virginia.

Right now our focus is on making sure pro-lifers vote in the November 5th, 2019 election when the entire General Assembly is up for election. That’s right, all 40 State Senate seats and all 100 House of Delegate seats are on the ballot this November.

And make no mistake: Elections have consequences.

In 2017 one race for the House of Delegates was tied after all the votes were counted… it was decided by drawing lots. That means that the pro-life majority was decided by the luck of the draw. If the pro-abortion candidate had won, we would have surely lost the vote to stop the pro-abortion ERA this year.

Which is why VSHL has developed a comprehensive plan to get pro-lifers to vote – especially those Virginians that don’t normally vote in the off-off-year elections when the General Assembly elections are held.

Virginia is going to be the focus of the whole nation. What happens in Virginia will be watched around the nation. It will be declared a forerunner for the crucial 2020 elections.

If the pro-abortion forces succeed and are able to enact their extreme agenda of abortion-on-demand, until birth and beyond paid for by taxpayers, these radical pro-abortion activists will try to spread their agenda around the country.

However, if WE can win and defeat their radical agenda and successfully pass legislation like the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act or the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act we can help launch more pro-life protective laws around the country. Legislation that will save lives.

But we if are going to be able to win, we must expand our operations. We must broaden our outreach. We must enact our 2019 Voter Mobilization Action Agenda and expand our other pro-life efforts.

Which I am writing to you today to ask you to help us with this effort by completing your 2019 Virginia Pro-Life Survey right now.

Help us prevent Virginia from becoming another New York with abortion-on-demand up until birth and beyond. Complete your 2019 Virginia Pro-Life Survey today as we begin our campaign to remind Virginians about the extreme agenda of the pro-abortion lobby.

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