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2,246 “medically preserved fetal remains” discovered following the death of an Indiana abortionist

by | Sep 16, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

The late abortionist Ulrich Klopfer

The Associated Press’ lead sentence was as antiseptic as it was understated: “JOLIET, Ill. — More than 2,000 medically preserved fetal remains have been found at the Illinois home of a former Indiana abortion clinic doctor who died last week, authorities said.”

In English “medically preserved fetal remains” are the bodies of hapless unborn babies whom Dr. Ulrich Klopfer ghoulishly stashed away. No telling if those “medically preserved fetal remains” are more recent victims or lost their lives further back in Klopfer’s long and highly controversial 43-year-long career.

Local pro-lifers in Indiana estimate that Klopfer aborted 50,000 unborn babies. Klopfer, who died September 3 and who ran three abortion clinics in Indiana, in Fort Wayne, Gary and South Bend at the Women’s Pavilion, finally had his medical license suspended in 2016.

The instant comparison, of course, is to Kermit Gosnell, now serving three consecutive life sentences at the Huntingdon State Correctional Institution. Gosnell was convicted in the murders of three babies whom he deliberately aborted alive and then “snipped” their spinal cords. Two women also died at his clinic, although Gosnell was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in only one. To call Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion clinic pit squalid would be to give his Women’s Medical Society too much credit.

But perhaps what shocked authorities who raid the abortion clinic in 2010 the most was the discovery of water jugs, pet food containers, and a freezer packed with containers holding severed feet. What kind of demented creature stores away human trophies commemorating his kills?

Gosnell and Klopfer are not, no matter what you hear from the Abortion Industry and its enablers in the media, outliers. You can read stories about “fetal tissue” being found in the trunk of a long-time abortionist in Michigan, to take just one example. Their handling of the bodies of their victims accurately reflects the contempt they have for them.

And what is one of the primary overarching takeaways from the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover investigation? That those who traffic in fetal tissue and whole organs have so dehumanized preborn children that they have lost their own humanity in the process.

Gosnell skated along, unchecked and unmonitored for decades. It was not merely see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil (about evil). The Abortion Establishment and its enablers at the city and state level went out of their way to make sure Gosnell was not disturbed as he cavalierly violated the 24-week limit on abortions in Pennsylvania and aborted God-only-knows how many full or near-full terms babies before turning his surgical scissors on their spinal cords.

How did we learn about remains of the 2,246 babies? Not, as was the case with Gosnell, as a byproduct of a police raid to determine if Gosnell was illegally selling prescription drugs (he was). It was much more mundane with Klopfer. The Will County Sheriff’s Office put out a press release that said the Klopfer’s family found them while going through his property and had asked the coroner’s office to remove them.

The respective response of pro-abortionists and pro-lifers in South Bend to the discovery of the remains of 2,246 babies is illuminating. Dr. Ellyn Stecker, described as “a retired family doctor who is vocal about women’s reproductive health issues,” told Lincoln Wright, of the South Bend Tribune, “We should not jump to horrible, negative conclusions until we have more information.”

By contrast, “Thousands of women are impacted by what Klopfer did to them,” said Jackie Appleman Executive Director with Saint Joseph County Right to Life. “He has their children in his garage and so I want to offer a note of hope and healing,” She said her group plans to make sure the baby’s remains are given a proper burial.

Then Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff–who often doubles as a stenographer for the Abortion Establishment—eventually took back a dreadful 2013 tweet. In response to a question, the gist of which was why no Gosnell coverage when she couldn’t write enough about anything that promotes the abortion agenda, Kliff had replied, “I cover policy for the Washington Post, not local crime, hence why I wrote about all the policy issues you mention.”

Let’s see how much attention the grotesque behavior of Ulrich Klopfer receives.

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