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Abortion: the ultimate Child Abuse

by | Sep 9, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

I was preoccupied with leading my class yesterday, preparing for the next part of our discussion, so I didn’t have a chance to write down in detail what one member said so strikingly. Should have stopped writing and began listening more closely. Here is my best approximation, which, alas, does not do justice to his passion and sense of indignation.

We were discussing a chapter in a book we are soaking up on the topic of unfettered freedom, what the author describes as “perhaps the only publicly shared and acknowledged moral value of our culture.”

“Sam” [not his real name] told us about driving by a group of school children last week waiting for the bus to pick them up. It occurred to Sam that they are there, and only there, because of a choice: They are waiting to experience the next day in rest of their lives because their parents did not choose to abort them.

How tragic that “freedom of choice” could just as readily been used to end their lives—as has been the case over 61 million times in the United States alone. As warped an expression of “freedom” as you could imagine.

Years ago NRL News published a beginning of the school year editorial cartoon of children at a bus stop. There was an outline for every fourth child, signifying the tally of abortion casualties. (That percentage, while still hideously high, is now closer to one in five)

We can never, ever say it often enough: abortion is the ultimate child abuse.

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