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Authorities search abortion clinics of late abortionist who stashed more than 2,200 fetal remains in his garage

by | Sep 19, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Late abortionist Ulrich Klopfer

This could get really, really intriguing, so don’t jump to any preliminary conclusions, one way or the other. Today, police in South Bend and Fort Wayne found no additional fetal remains in two of the abortion clinics formerly owned by Ulrich Klopfer, according to WSTB 22.

Last Friday, after the attorney for Klopfer’s family contacted local authorities in Will County, Illinois, 2,246 “medically preserved fetal remains” were found in the Crete, Illinois home of Klopfer, who died September 3.

“At Klopfer’s former South Bend clinic, the Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, investigators say they found a lot of medical documents, but no fetal remains,” WSTB reported. “They also used cadaver dogs and searched a vacant lot possibly tied to Klopfer and came up empty.”

St. Joe County Prosecutor Ken Cotter says he’s been working with the state attorney general including for the past 12 hours to get these search warrants. Several agencies took part in this search from Cotter’s office to the attorney and police.

“At this point I can tell you, no fetal remains here. Still looking, still investigating but there does not appear to be any fetal remains here,” said Ken Cotter (D) St Joseph County Prosecutor.

Klopfer’s Fort Wayne abortion clinic closed in 2013 but police are reporting searching that facility as well.

The list of questions yet to be answering goes on and on. Here are just a few (borrowed from Mike Fichter, President of Indiana Right to Life):

*What possible reason were these babies’ remains preserved? You’ll recall police found dozens of jars containing severed fetal feet in the abortion clinic of the infamous Kermit Gosnell. No one accepted his bizarre explanation that women might request them for future identification, or DNA samples. Some speculated Gosnell kept them as “trophies.” Might there not be an even sicker explanation we’ve yet to uncover?

JD Mullane wrote back in 2015 “[A] Gosnell staffer told police some of the staff speculated Gosnell was using the fetal tissue to bait crab traps. The police officer said a detail was sent to Gosnell’s Jersey Shore home and pulled up several crab traps, but found nothing in them. Since the traps were submerged for months, it was unlikely they’d yield even a trace of fetal bait, the cop said.”

None of this proves Klopfer had “sinister “ (for lack of a better word) motives for stashing the baby’s remains in his garage. It simply says you have to be sick to hold on your victims’ remains. And that the investigation is just beginning.

*When and where did these babies die? In Indiana or in Illinois where (as noted) Klopfer once ran an abortion clinic until he “no longer had a backup doctor with hospital admitting privileges”? Were other members of his various staffs involved?

*Were these babies being preserved in order to be sold to universities or research facilities? Remember this man aborted (by conservative estimates) “tens of thousands” of babies, perhaps as many as 50,000 in his 43-year-long career. You kill that many babies and you cannot avoid being filthy rich (see Kermit Gosnell). Did Klopfer augment that fortune by selling fetal tissue to “tissue procurement companies” who, in turn, sold them to universities?

Remember, the Abortion Industry adamantly insists it broke no laws when selling fetal tissue (and whole body parts). They essentially argue they were just getting enough back to cover expenses. But it is undeniable that they were in bed with tissue procurement companies.

This is a developing story that we will write about more today and/or update this post.

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