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Congressman tells the truth about the reality of attempted abortions and infanticide

by | Sep 13, 2019

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Rep. Roger Marshall

In any other context, it would be huge news. But because the story came up at a Congressional hearing held by the pro-life Republican House minority, it did not lead the evening news broadcasts or even get mentioned.

Congressman Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) was among the 43 GOP members who attended a hearing Tuesday titled “End infanticide: Examining the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” He recalled a shocking experience he had his first month of residency.

He heard the call for an ob-gyn resident to come to the emergency room where he found a woman in shock, with no pulse, lying in her own blood. Marshall knew only that she was pregnant and that he had 30 seconds, a minute at the most, to get the placenta out, to stop the bleeding.

Marshall said, “I looked beside us and in the next room there’s another baby probably 27 weeks along, and (the baby’s) arm is just hanging there. And the baby otherwise is doing well…And they said this is a failed abortion they reached up and grabbed his arm, pulled it through the cervix, dislocated the arm and they said ‘Oh my gosh, this baby is further along than we thought (he) would be.’”

Rep. Marshall is among those lawmakers pleading with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, pro-abortion Democrat Nancy Pelosi, to move forward on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act. That critical piece of legislation would ensure that babies who are born as a result of “botched” abortions receive the same level of care as any other baby.

But the Speaker and her Democrat colleagues have denied the request for unanimous consent to go forward to hold committee hearings and then eventually a vote—not once, not twice, but 80 times! Repeatedly, the Speaker has turned a blind eye to infanticide.

As Congressman Marshall’s story illustrates, the issue of infanticide is not hypothetical. It is an actual tragedy that has occurred time and time again at medical facilities that refuse to provide proper treatment and care to newborns who survived an abortion.

America is better than this. We have a fundamental duty to defend infant lives—even when it may be inconvenient.

Federal law should provide a lifeline to these helpless children. Every denial of a vote on this crucial legislation is a denial of the guarantee of life-saving care for innocent babies who deserve our utmost respect.

Each day that goes by that Congress fails to act is another day when the grim reality of infanticide can continue unabated—in stark contrast to the principles of life and liberty that our founders held dear.

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