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Five Words Change Our Perspective

by | Sep 10, 2019

By Kirk Walden

Running through my Facebook feed the other day, an article caught my eye. Carmine Gallo, writing about Apple’s CEO, tells us Tim Cook Uses These 5 Words to Take Control of Any Conversation. Hmmm. Five words? Is that all?

It’s a fascinating read, and one we in the pro-life community should heed as we present our message to banquet guests, financial supporters, volunteers . . . and the media.

Because today, it’s so easy to find bad news regarding our work. Teen magazines create false stories. Planned Parenthood builds mega centers. Abortion is now available online. All bad news, right?

Yet with five words, we can shift the narrative and present a more accurate picture for those with whom we connect. Here are a few versions from Cook:

“The way I see it”

“To put this in context”

“The way I look at it”

Putting these variations of five simple words into practice, let’s look at the big picture.

Yes, every month or so, we are attacked as “fake clinics.” But the way I see it, these attacks prove—without doubt—those who profit from abortion feel our impact on their bottom line. Their profits must be dropping. If not, why waste any time opposing us?

It’s also true that Planned Parenthood is building mega centers in populous areas. To put this in context however, their overall number of locations is dropping. This new marketing strategy then, proves they are losing in rural areas and must “double down” in urban centers. As our impact grows in the population centers, even the craftiest of marketing strategies will ultimately fail.

And, we have a battle on our hands with the abortion pill. Whether online or in-person, abortion providers distribute these pills like candy. But the way I look at it, Abortion Pill Rescue (APR) is not only our answer to this challenge, but is our opportunity to reach abortion center clients directly and effectively, gaining their trust and their endorsement.

Let’s just say a woman takes the first of two abortion pills, walks out of an abortion facility and receives a flier with information on Abortion Pill Rescue. In a day or two she picks up the phone and calls the hotline, creating a new bond with someone who cares for her and ready to help. She changes her mind and chooses to reverse her abortion.

When her baby is born, she tells friends about the blessing of APR. These friends are the same ones who might have given her information on the abortion center and might be potential clients of the abortion center in the future . . . yet they now see us in glowing terms.

The way I see it, in ten years, it’s possible that the abortion pill—designed to save the abortion industry—could ultimately lead to its end. A crazy thought? Perhaps. But don’t be surprised. You read it here first.

When Apple’s earnings reports don’t meet expectations, or when an Apple product doesn’t capture the market as quickly as expected, CEO Tim Cook uses three phrases—five words each—to offer perspective. He’s not disingenuous or misleading. He simply offers an on-the ground interpretation of a set of facts which may differ from prevailing thought.

What happens? Usually, instead of Apple’s stock dropping, it often goes up after Cook sparks a thought with these five words.

Each year, each month . . . goodness, each week, we face challenges and sometimes setbacks. Those on our team—supporters, volunteers, paid staff—need to hear from us.

When we use these phrases at the right times, even the most difficult of situations becomes a positive, motivating our friends to greater involvement, and greater commitment.

Five words. Can they make a difference for the pro-life community? I don’t know for sure, but the way I see it, they are certainly worth a try.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.

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