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Pro-life candidates continue to win in special elections

by | Sep 11, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

As National Right to Life posted this morning, it was a banner day Tuesday for the cause of unborn children in North Carolina.

Pro-Life Republicans Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy carried the day in two special elections—the 9th and the 3rd, respectively. Both winners were endorsed by National Right to Life.

The Dan Bishop versus Dan McCready(D) contest was touted as a harbinger of 2020.

The National Right to Life Victory Fund reached more than 45,000 identified pro-life registered voters by mail, phone, flyers, and through social media. All provided invaluable information about the differences between Bishop and pro-abortion Democrat Dan McCready. Bishop prevailed 51% to 49%.

Bishop’s and Murphy’s victories were lauded by Barbara Holt, North Carolina Right to Life President. “Having worked with both of them in the North Carolina General Assembly as we worked to pass pro-life legislation, I know them as pro-life advocates who will help pass pro-life legislation in the U,S. House,” she said. Holt added, ”Thankfully, North Carolina congressional districts 3 and 9 will continue to be represented by pro-lifers.”

The strongly pro-abortion News &Observer editorial page lamented McCready’s loss. It attributed the unwelcomed results to Bishop running a smart campaign and McCready (although “well-moneyed”) running “a campaign that hewed to the Democratic playbook” which scared off more moderate voters.”

This is the real harbinger coming out of yesterday’s closely-watched race: Democrats, pro-abortion with virtually no exceptions in Congress, are completely out of step with the public.

It is to the credit of the News & Observer that they recognized Bishop was running against a strong headwind. Although it had nothing to do with Bishop, any Republican running would be “tainted by Republican election fraud.”

Bishop prevailed, in spite of a non-stop media attack against him by the likes of the News & Observer editorial page , the investment by national Democrats of millions of dollars on behalf of McCready, and a divisive 2018 Republican primary where the long-time Republican incumbent was defeated.

One other thing in the harbinger/bellwether category. As NRLC noted earlier today, “The win marks the third of three 2019 special elections in which the pro-life candidate endorsed by National Right to Life won.” It is only to state the obvious that National Right to Life’s assistance at the grassroots level was important to Bishop’s victory.

As was the help of President Trump, who twice campaigned for Bishop, the second time the day before the election. The President provided a massive last-minute campaign boost.

Later today, we will talk about what David Leonhardt, a New York Times opinion writer (who is pro-abortion and reliably pro-Democrat), called “Democrats in Reverse.”

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