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Tragic mix up results in wrong woman being aborted

by | Sep 24, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

A doctor and a nurse in South Korea are being accused of “negligence resulting in bodily harm” for performing an abortion on the wrong woman.

The Vietnamese woman did not know she had been aborted until she started to bleed when she got home and called back to speak to the doctor. According to the Korea Times

But the hospital told her that he already left. She visited the hospital the next day as bleeding continued and got another checkup from a different doctor, who told her the baby had been aborted.

On August 7, the victim had gone to a gynecology clinic in the Gangseo district of Seoul for a pregnancy test and told she was six weeks pregnant. She was advised she “needed an IV solution for better nutrition,” Kim Hyun-bin reported.

When she was waiting for the IV, a nurse came with the wrong patient’s chart which was for a woman who needed surgery for a miscarriage, in which the fetus had died but not yet been miscarried. Without confirming the woman’s identity, the nurse injected her with an anesthetic drug instead of placing her on an IV.

Gangseo police told CNN that an investigation was launched Monday into the doctor and nurse in charge, and the case will be sent to the prosecutor’s office,

“The doctor and nurse have acknowledged their fault,” a police official told CNN. “They are now being accused of negligence resulting in bodily harm.”

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