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Why is Hollywood so interested in Virginia’s November 5th elections?

by | Oct 25, 2019

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

One after another pro-abortion Hollywood celebrity has chimed in or actually made an appearances in neighborhoods in Virginia where many candidates for the General Assembly are in very tight races.

Actor Alec Baldwin, a member of the Board of Directors for the liberal, pro-abortion group, People for the American Way, showed up for photo ops with the pro-abortion candidates in the Fredericksburg and Metro Richmond area earlier this week.

Baldwin is well known for his pro-abortion views. He made it very clear why he had come to Virginia now. Baldwin said he chose to visit Virginia because of what it could mean if pro-abortion Democrats seize control of the statehouse in Richmond.

“We think this is a real opportunity here to flip the state,” Baldwin said. “If they take two seats in both the House and the Senate, then they’re in control.” He added, “This opportunity to flip the 38th state for the equal rights amendment is so important.”

Other liberal, pro-abortion celebrities, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Alissa Milano, are using social media to send out dire warnings to their fans in Virginia that pro-lifers must not retain control of the General Assembly. They are focused on getting voters in Virginia to flip the state so the pro-abortion ERA can finally be passed in Virginia.

Other political celebrities have come or are coming into Virginia, too. Former Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance in Richmond area in August.

A few weeks ago Sen. Cory Booker came to Prince William County to campaign for pro-abortion- ERA sponsor Delegate Hala Ayala. This coming weekend another pro-abortion presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris ,will make her way to Fairfax County to support Kathy Tran.

Tran is the state Delegate that started a massive outcry in Virginia and beyond by admitting in committee that her proposed bill would have allowed abortion up to the moment of birth!

All these notables know what every pro-lifer knows as well. Virginia is only 4 seats away from becoming the next New York.

Flipping just four seats– two seats in the House of Delegates and two seats in the Senate–will give total control of the General Assembly to radical pro-abortion extremists who have made no secret they are determined to strip away all of Virginia’s hard-won pro-life laws!

Will the glitter of famous folk have the desired effect? Don’t be fooled Virginians. They are not our friends. They don’t respect us or our values.

The Commonwealth is pro-life, and it must remain so. That is why every pro-life vote will count on November 5, 2019.

It is up to every one of us to send a message that we are not starstruck and see through their glitter.

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