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CBS Sets Out to Vilify Pro-Lifers, Exploit Woman Seeking Abortion

by | Oct 3, 2019

By Nicholas Fondacaro

As an apparent follow up to their Wednesday morning hype for the new “ginormous” “mega” Planned Parenthood clinic in Illinois, the CBS Evening News revisited hours later the Planned Parenthood clinic in Missouri and followed a woman seeking to have an abortion. The report itself vilified pro-lifers and it was obvious that reporter Meg Oliver was taking advantage of a vulnerable woman.

As part of their “Eye on America” series, failing news anchor Norah O’Donnell told viewers: “We wanted to see how [Missouri’s abortion ban] is impacting women there. Meg Oliver spent weeks reporting this story, and it was difficult to find someone willing to share their story but eventually, we did.”

It was a deceiving statement form O’Donnell because, as Oliver would later admit, “none of the bans are currently in effect.”

The woman Oliver shadowed didn’t want them using her real name, so they called her “Sarah.” Presumably, it was due to a fear for her safely. “In Missouri, there is only one abortion provider. Some women, like Sarah, have to travel hundreds of miles for the procedure. (…) Unlike most states, in Missouri, women must have two appointments with the same doctor,” Oliver lamented.

While the liberal media have been pushing “waiting periods” to own firearms, Oliver was aghast that Missouri had a waiting period for a procedure that would end the life of an unborn child:

One that includes state-mandated counseling, where Missouri law requires doctors inform women “the life of each human being begins at conception.” And one for the procedure itself, both separated by a 72-hour waiting period.

These extra restrictions that are in place in Missouri, how do you feel about them?

“I feel like it’s inhumane. I feel like it’s degrading to women. To say that, you know, I’m a 30-year-old woman and I don’t– I can’t decide for myself what’s best for me, that I need three days to decide that? I’ve been thinking about this from the moment I found out,” Sarah emotionally told Oliver.

Oliver did speak with National Right to Life political director Karen Cross. Oliver pressed Cross on whether she thought waiting periods were a “burden” to women.

OLIVER: Cross, who has had two abortions, told us she regrets her decision and believes restrictions in states like Missouri are reasonable. [TO CROSS] You don’t feel like a 72-hour waiting period is a burden?

CROSS: I don’t. Some women do– Not just may change their minds during that 72-hour period, but some do. And so if there’s a piece of information out there that would cause a woman to change her mind about this life-altering decision, then she should be given that information.

It was clear that Sarah was in a vulnerable place when CBS showed her fearful reaction to protesters simply singing hymns outside the Planned Parenthood facility. “Oh, gosh. Here’s all the protesters. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Leave me alone,” Sarah anxiously said.

But Sarah was in her car and the protesters were keeping to themselves, singing hymns under some trees on the sidewalk. Sarah was saying that as she was pulling into the Planned Parenthood parking lot, which was protected by a fence. CBS then showed her crying while reading letters of support.

Oliver ended the video portion of the report by teeing up Sarah to lash out at pro-life advocates:

OLIVER: The people who are making these laws, what do you want them to hear from you?

SARAH: That I think what they’re doing to women is wrong. Absolutely wrong.

This was the same Planned Parenthood clinic that Oliver once [earlier this year] admitted performed an illegal abortion.

Live Action reports that this particular clinic was considered “the ‘most dangerous’ abortion facility in the nation” because it had sent 72 patients to the hospital in 10 years.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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