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Enough to give Fake News a bad name

by | Oct 15, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

A sidebar/quick addition to the post written earlier about tonight’s Democratic presidential debate. I didn’t bother to make this particular point because it’s so redundant—that is, even when reporters were talking about tonight’s 4th debate and found something problematic in a Democrat’s current posture, they would turn that into a criticism of President Trump.

This twisting is endemic to everything related to the 2020 presidential elections, including (most obviously) polling. A recent Fox News poll found highly negative results for President Trump. How? By radically skewing the number of Democrats surveyed.

If you question far more Democrats than their numbers warrant, you get more negative results for President Trump than if you went with Gallup’s breakdown of party affiliation–31% Democrat, 29% Republican, and 38% Independent.

Likewise on a recent Hill-HarrisX poll touted as proof positive President Trump has made no inroads into the African-American community. To be clear, like all Republican presidents of recent decades, Trump’s numbers are very low. But what did The Hill omit in its coverage of the poll that ran under the headline “Poll: Overwhelming majority of black voters [85%] back any 2020 Democrat over Trump”?

Albeit the sample was small, that 32% of Black men said they would vote for Trump over a generic Democrat. How they’d miss that?

For starters, they simply ignored it, even though if you took the time to go to the poll, the number is there in the crosstabs.

They also skewed the sample, which is an egregious offense, which had the effect of diluting the support the President has.

If you look at crosstabs for other polling questions, generally 52% of respondents were women, 48% were men, or thereabouts.

But, in this poll, almost exactly twice as many African-American women as African-American men were questioned!

It’s enough to give Fake News a bad name.

This is important not just for the Black community but also for the Latino community which the major media is determined to pretend is practically monolithically opposed to President Trump. That is not the case at all.

My point is simply this. You and I will be told 24/7 between now and the November 3, 2020 elections that President Trump is in deep trouble with [fill in the blank] and ought to be doing better with [fill in the blank].

That, no doubt, will eventually include pro-lifers which wasn’t, isn’t, and won’t be true.

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