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“Klopfer’s hoarding of fetal remains certainly demonstrates the need for state laws regulating the final disposition of aborted fetuses.”

by | Oct 4, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

As you would have expected, NRL News Today has posted and posted and posted some more about the scandalous discovery of the perfectly preserved bodily remains of 2,246 aborted babies in 70 boxes in a garage in Illinois. By the labeling on the boxes, the babies’ lives were taken between 2000 and 2002 in one of Ulrich Klopfer’s three Indiana abortion clinics. They were discovered after he died by his wife and her sister.

As you also would have expected, Curtis Hill, Indiana’s Attorney General, is in the middle of assuring that the babies “came home” to Indiana (they arrived Wednesday) and that there is a thorough follow up to find out how this could have happened; were state laws violated; and was anyone else involved.

AG Hill wrote an op-ed that appeared at Fox News this week. I encourage you to read it for yourself. Here are just a few highlights.

*Whatever our differences over abortion, “Sometimes, though, you find some common ground when you least expect it.” As he notes near the end of his piece, “reactions among these normally disparate groups are strikingly similar”: that is, “Abhorrence; Revulsion; and Profound sadness.”

*While bizarre, stashing these babies’ bodies is perhaps not that far out of character for Klopfer, who died September 3 at 75 years of age. After all, as Hill notes, quoting the Journal-Gazette of Fort Wayne, Ind., Klopfer was described as “likely Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctor in history with numbers going into the tens of thousands of procedures in multiple counties over several decades.”

Moreover Klopfer lost his license in 2016 (it was suspended indefinitely, to be exact “because of his failure to comply with multiple regulations governing the practice of medicine.” (There are other, even worse allegations against Klopfer which we have written about before.)

*As much as the Abortion Industry hates them, Hill correctly concludes, “The disturbing chain of events surrounding Dr. Klopfer’s hoarding of fetal remains certainly demonstrates the need for state laws regulating the final disposition of aborted fetuses.”

*AG Hill also writes compassionately about women haunted by the thought that their aborted baby‘s body had been “hoarded away.” Finally, his conclusion …

“Throughout America, we must focus on creating a caring and compassionate culture of life.

“We must be a nation that celebrates and supports motherhood and fatherhood; a place where communities unite to maintain healthy environments for the rearing of children; and a society in which a young, poor and unwed woman can have confidence she will find needed help throughout an unplanned pregnancy and the rearing of a child.

“Such a society, surely, is one to be desired by all Americans, both pro-life and pro-abortion.”

Mr. Hill has far more confidence than I do that Planned Parenthood has much interest in “creating a caring and compassionate culture of life.” But that is for another day. A fine op-ed very much worth reading.

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