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Tulsa abortion clinic secures temporary injunction against Abortion Pill Reversal law

by | Oct 24, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Earlier this week, NRL News Today wrote about the Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Clinic which asked the Oklahoma Supreme Court for an emergency injunction to keep the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion act from taking effect while the case continues. A decision is expected in a week or more, if the High Court decides to take the case up.

On Wednesday, following an hour-long hearing, the same Tulsa., Oklahoma abortion clinic, represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights, persuaded Oklahoma County Judge Don Andrews to issued a temporary injunction against SB 614, according to Carmen Forman of the Daily Oklahoman. Gov Kevin Stitt signed the abortion pill reversal bill on April 29.

Judge Andrews “said he still has many questions about an abortion reversal law slated to take effect Nov. 1 and halted the measure from taking effect until he can hear additional arguments at trial,” Carmen Forman reported.

However Attorney General Mike Hunter noted in a statement, “The judge didn’t rule on the merits of the case and only decided to retain the status quo moving forward, pending more evidence. The state remains committed to defending this law that requires doctors to inform women they can opt to reverse the process of a medical abortion.”

Under SB 614, abortionists are required to tell an abortion-minded woman at least 72 hours before her scheduled abortion that she might be able to reverse a “medication” [chemical/RU486] abortion, should she change her mind.

SB 614 overwhelmingly passed the House, 74-24 six weeks after the Senate approved SB 614 by a lopsided margin of 39-8.

Oklahoma joins Arizona, Arkansas, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Kentucky in assuring that women know that if they have second thoughts prior to taking the second set of pills, they have a solid chance of saving their babies.

In addition, the law requires that signs must be posted in the abortionist’s office which “must include language saying a medically induced abortion may be reversed, include the phone number for a 24-hour Abortion Pill Reversal hotline and multiple websites that contain information about the development of an unborn child.”

Judge Andrews set no date for a trial on Wednesday.

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