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A glorious day to remember: November 8, 2016 when Donald Trump was elected President

by | Nov 8, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

I thought about the story I wrote one year after Donald Trump became our 45th President on November 8, 2016, probably because of the two posts I’ve written this week about the New York Times analysis of swing states. Written in two parts, Nate Cohen’s conclusions shocked the pro-abortion commentariat. Donald Trump is in excellent position to win in November 2020!

Doesn’t mean he will, of course, just that all the joyful gloom and doom stories the Media Establishment writes about President Trump have to be taken with a pound of salt.

Today we are three calendar years removed from that absolutely incredible upset. Remember going forward, three years ago “everyone knew” Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in. The election was not Hillary Clinton’s to lose, mind you. She couldn’t lose.

Back in 2017, Gary Bauer recalled for us what the big news of Election Day morning had been the year before. The pronouncement had come down from on high from liberal political analyst Nate Silver who had

flipped Florida and North Carolina into Clinton’s column, giving her a 71.4% chance of victory.

Gary added,

All the polls but one predicted a Clinton presidency.

The scorn for anyone dumb enough, self-delusional enough to think that Donald Trump could be our next President was palpable. Only someone who occupied a place in that “basket of deplorables” whom Clinton gleefully bashed at a LGBT for Hillary Gala in New York City could believe that one of our betters–Hillary Clinton–could/should/would fail to be crowned Barack Obama’s successor. For an example (one of a gazillion), see a panel at CNN.

NRLC has written many times about the promises then-candidate Trump made that President Trump is fulfilling. The brightest star in that firmament are the nominations and subsequent confirmations of two justices to the Supreme Court. But the President is selecting lower court judges who share a similar judicial philosophy “in the mold of the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia.”

We also talked often about the many pro-lifers he’s chosen for this administration, his commitment to protecting religious liberties, his Administration’s expanded policy named Promoting Life in Global Health Assistance, which applies pro-life conditions to a broad range of health-related U.S. foreign aid–to name just a few.

Looking forward to 2020, I don’t need to recite what we outline multiple times during the 2016 campaign and since. It would be nearly impossible to exaggerate how a great a setback for the cause of life at home and aboard had Hillary Clinton become president.

Always remember that in many ways and for many years, Hillary Clinton represented the crucial nexus of the worldwide campaign to erase any and all protective abortion statutes around the world. But the Democrats running to be their party’s 2020 presidential nominee are every bit as committed to the death agenda as Hillary Clinton.

Even now, three years later, I occasionally find myself taking a deep breath. It was very, very close.

Thanks to you for making it possible to defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton and elect pro-life Donald Trump. Thanks to you we will thwart whichever pro-death candidate the Democrats choose.

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