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Are Democrat moderates in the House “getting cold feet” over impeachment proceedings?

by | Nov 25, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

When even a CNN panel begins to concede the impeachment proceedings may boomerang on Democrats, you begin to appreciate why the Media Establishment, personified by the Washington Post, is shouting even more insistently that President Trump is in serious trouble: they have to keep the crumbling narrative in place.

What made the exchange on Sunday’s Insider Politics so intriguing is that it began with the usual gloom and doom for President Trump. Then a dose of cold water. To understand the context, first a story from last Friday’s POLITICO which provided the backdrop for the discussion:

GOP-aligned outside groups have spent roughly $8 million on TV spots this cycle in battleground districts, such as Rep. Anthony Brindisi’s central New York seat. The vast majority of those ads specifically hammer Democrats over impeachment.

Michael Shear of the New York Times argues Republicans learned from the actions of Democrats in 2018:

You know, it’s an interesting note — that ad that you just played is an interesting kind of echo of what the Democrats did two years ago in the midterms when they were the ones arguing that the President is obsessed with the border and invasion and the caravans coming up and what we should be talking about is health care and, you know, the issues that sort of really matter to people.

And so the Republicans in this sense are turning that on its head and saying, no, no, no, this time it’s the Democrats who are obsessed when we should be sort of moving on to other issues.

And then the hammer drops, courtesy of Rachael Bade of the Washington Post:

“I think what we’re starting to see, you know, is when the impeachment inquiry was first announced and they started to do these depositions, a lot of people were asking, ‘Can Nancy Pelosi peel off any Republicans’ in this final impeachment vote. But I increasingly think the question is becoming does [Nancy Pelosi] lose more Democrats? Because Republicans have really unified behind the president, and although two Democrats voted against the impeachment inquiry rules that they voted on a couple of weeks ago, we are hearing behind-the-scenes there are moderates getting cold feet. And it comes back to these ads and people being afraid for being punished for voting to impeach the president.”

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