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Dayton Abortion Facility Granted License

by | Nov 13, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio– The Ohio Department of Health has granted a license to abortion facility Women’s Med Center of Dayton. In recent weeks, the clinic had ceased performing surgical abortions while seeking licensure.

“Women’s Med Center has struggled for years to meet the same requirements that all other ambulatory surgical facilities are required to meet. These laws were put in place to protect women,” said Stephanie Ranade Krider, Vice President of Ohio Right to Life. “The fact that Martin Haskell continues to seek exceptions to basic health and safety rules shows where his true priorities lie: protecting his abortion business.”

Women’s Med Center had not been granted a license since 2012. Since that time, they have sought and been denied a variance request three times by two previous health directors after being unable to meet state requirements. Ohio law requires all ambulatory surgical facilities to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital in case of a medical emergency or apply for a variance to that requirement.

The facility’s previous applications for a variance were denied as they had listed only three doctors to provide care in an emergency. All three physicians were affiliated with Miami Valley Hospital, which objected to the agreement. In their most recent application, they list four backup physicians.

“Martin Haskell has been operating this clinic without a license since 2013,” said Krider. “We are extremely disappointed by the decision today to grant this facility a license. This is a facility run by a doctor who was fined for performing an abortion on a woman who was too intoxicated to stand, let alone consent to the procedure. We will continue to educate Ohioans about the record of harm Women’s Med Center has caused to women.”

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