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Man waiting in abortion clinic doesn’t know development of baby

by | Nov 14, 2019

By Sarah Terzo

A man named Mike was interviewed while his partner was having an abortion. His baby was being killed in another room.

“You know, you see this stuff in the news where a father’s beatin’ hell out of his kids, or somebody’s found a baby in a trashcan or somethin’. That’s a life. Kim is seven weeks along. I don’t think the baby’s formed at seven weeks. So she’s havin’ an abortion. I’d rather see that then see a child layin’ in the trashcan…

And I don’t want to give the child up. If I was goin’ to have it, I’d have it and keep it myself. If you give it up you don’t know where it’s goin’, and I don’t care to see my child gettin’ into somebody else’s hands.

So we sat down and talked about it. I said, “You better look at it for one thing. You’re not gonna be able to work when you’re about seven months along and then you’d have a baby there. You have to have somebody to babysit.” There’s a lot of things that people don’t know before having babies. So we talked it over and that, and she thought maybe she wanted to have it, a baby, but I told her there’s a lot more to havin’ child than that…

I never thought about abortion before. I’ve seen this antiabortion stuff, but I never paid no attention to it. Then I found out she was pregnant and it hit right away. Maybe have an abortion. So I talked to my sister, she’s a nurse, and she knows her stuff pretty good. She was tellin’ me, she said, it’s not uncommon. She said, “You gotta know what you want to do, but if you don’t want to raise a child, that’s a good choice.”

You know I really like this program; this is really nice. They took us to the first film about birth control, and then they took us to the one where it showed how it’s going to be done. It really set us straight; I was really interested. Boy, Kim had butterflies a lot when we first came this mornin’, but now that we went through all those programs and seen all those films, she really straightened out.”

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