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NBC Worries ‘Overconfident’ Dems ‘Distracted By Impeachment’

by | Nov 7, 2019

By Kyle Drennen

On Tuesday, one year out from the 2020 presidential election, NBC’s Today show fretted over polls showing some of the Democratic frontrunners struggling to defeat President Trump in several key battleground states. The discussion focused on concerns that Democrats were “overconfident” about their electoral chances and even “distracted by all the impeachment” efforts against Trump.

“And a new poll is the talk of the political world this morning, it shows head-to-head match-ups between President Trump and three Democratic frontrunners in key battleground states,” Guthrie informed viewers. “The President keeping it competitive, that’s the bottom line,” she added.

After analyst Steve Kornacki broke down the results, showing tight contests in six crucial states, Guthrie turned to political analyst and former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill: “I mean, is this a wake-up call for Democrats. Do you think there’s been some overconfidence here?”

McCaskill sounded the alarm for her party:

Absolutely. I think that everyone needs to remember that the way we win the presidency is not a national poll, it is state by state by state. And the voters who voted for Barack Obama and Donald Trump, that’s who they should be focused on, that’s – those crossover voters. And they’re in abundance in these states and they have not made up their mind yet, they are a little worried about some of the extreme positions taken by a lot of the primary candidates.

The former Missouri senator has made a habit out of warning 2020 Democrats not to go too far left.

Guthrie argued that there was a “battle for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party” with “progressive candidates versus more centrist candidates or moderate candidates.” It’s not clear which liberal candidates in the Democratic primary Guthrie thought were “centrist” or “moderate.”

McCaskill again lectured the field of candidates:

…we have got to remember that there’s nothing evil about the middle of America, either geographically or in terms of ideology. And we’ve got to focus on the practical things that matter to people’s families. They are not as worried about whether or not they’re gonna have a Medicare-for-all as they are whether or not that can afford their medicine. So I think these candidates – and frankly, we’re a little distracted by all the impeachment. These candidates need to get back to the – what I call the kitchen table issues for American families and reassure them that they can make change happen. Not just pie-in-the-sky ideas that are really unrealistic, but stuff that can get across the finish line.

On Monday, even MSNBC’s Morning Joe feared the $50 trillion Medicare-for-all plan put forward by Senator Elizabeth Warren was “unrealistic” and “scaring a lot of people.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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