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Public wants higher standards from abortion clinics and abortionists, survey shows

by | Nov 19, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

As NRL News Today has reported multiple times, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear June Medical Services, LLC v. Gee, a challenge to a Louisiana law which requires (commonsensically, you would think) that abortionists have admitting privileges at a local hospital in case there are complications.

The justices will likely hear oral arguments this winter with a decision coming in June 2020.

The pro-abortion position is that abortions are so incredibly safe (to the mother) that such requirements are unnecessary, onerous, and just a massive waste of time, energy, and money. And, for good measure, they argue the requirement constitutes an “undue burden” on a woman’s right to an abortion.

The pro-life response, as Ben Clapper, executive director of Louisiana Right to Life noted, is that “Abortion facilities should not be provided loopholes when it comes to health and safety standards that apply across the board to outpatient surgical facilities.”

In introducing Act 620 (the “Unsafe Abortion Protection Act” ), State Rep. Katrina Jackson explained, “[I]f you are going to perform abortions in the State of Louisiana, you’re going to do so in a safe environment and in a safe manner that offers women the optimal protection and care of their bodies.”

So it would interesting to know what the public thinks about abortion clinic-related requirements. A poll released today conducted by YouGov survived 1,326 American adults over a three-day span (October 25-October 28) and asked just such questions.

Among the findings…

*Asked “Regardless of my personal view on abortion, I believe physicians performing abortions should be able to transfer women who experience complications directly to the emergency room as necessary.” More than three quarters–78.2%–agreed ( 70.1% “strongly agree”).

*What about the abortion clinics themselves? “To what extent would you support or opposes states being able to pass safeguards that ensure abortion facilities are in compliance with basic medical practices and sanitation?” 73.9% either strongly support (58.7%) or somewhat support (15.2%) the ability of states to require the bare minimum from “abortion facilities.”

*One other intriguing question—about the capabilities of the abortionist. “To what extend do you agree or disagree that abortion doctors should be held to the same medical standard as any ordinary physician”? A total of 75% agree (62% strongly agree, 13% somewhat agree) abortionists should meet those requirements.

Abortion clinics want a free pass, a compliance-free atmosphere where no one requires them to be safe or under the surveillance of state and local medical authorities.

The public disagrees….overwhelmingly.

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