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Unconditional love, Forever Now

by | Nov 29, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. We are not publishing new stories today. We are still celebrating the Thanksgiving Day holiday with family. The following first ran one year ago.

If not a household name, Michael Bublé’s familiarity means he is close to it. Equally familiar is the story of his two years away from the music industry to spend time with his family. Noah, their five year old son, has battled stomach cancer, although, thankfully, his cancer appears to be in remission.

This afternoon a friend sent me a link to a new song, “Forever Now,” which is part of Bublé‘s just released album ❤ (pronounced Love).

This will be a short post. I want you to listen to the song.

Without getting too gushy, “Forever Now” is a tender love song from a dad to his child who already is getting too big to want to hold his old man’s hand.

There are so many keen insights into being a parent. Bublé sings of the all-too-rapid passage of time, a father’s love that remains steadfast come what may (aka no matter what wayward paths his child may take), and a promise (unlikely to be kept, try as we might) “I’m never gonna let you down.”

The song begins with the first time his child opened their eyes, “And I recognized your face.” In the first stanza and throughout, Bublé vows to protect his child, to “keep you safe.”

This is not a story about abortion. But it is most definitely about this child’s—any child’s—infinite possibilities and our obligations as parents to them.

Put another way we shouldn’t have to wait to see our child open their eyes to be fiercely protective. We shouldn’t have to wait to hold their hand to “have your back.” Nor should we need a guarantee that our unborn child is perfect to be “forever proud of you” or hold our “forever” love in abeyance until we can actually see the little one.

Take three minutes out and listen to “Forever Now.”

You’ll be glad you did.

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