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Incredible: How nurses are saving babies through the Abortion Pill Reversal Network

by | Dec 5, 2019

By Katie Franklin

“Roslyn” had already begun the chemical abortion regimen when she changed her mind and wanted to save her baby. Located in a remote part of Canada, she found the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and was connected to a nurse named Elizabeth.

Upon reviewing the list of Abortion Pill Rescue providers, Elizabeth could see no one near Roslyn who was trained in providing the protocol. She began calling hospitals and eventually connected with the emergency room where Roslyn obtained the first chemical abortion pill.

Elizabeth spoke with one of the ER nurses and explained the reversal protocol. To Elizabeth’s relief, the ER nurse was able to start Roslyn on the life-saving regimen.

“It was just an incredible way that God was able to use that ER,” Elizabeth said, smiling. “(Roslyn) had a successful reversal, and I was able to see a picture of her little girl. It was just a huge, huge blessing to be a part of that story.”

LeighAnn, another nurse with the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, has experienced similar blessings. In fact, the very first call she took for the network seemed almost divinely inspired.

Similar to Elizabeth, LeighAnn couldn’t identify a local provider for a woman seeking the treatment. But then, she found a place about two hours away.

“She was willing to drive,” LeighAnn said of the client. “And come to find out, she drove to the exact center that had trained me as a pregnancy help center nurse 20 years ago. So exactly 20 years later I sent someone to the same center that trained me and helped plant the seeds for the pro-life movement.”

LeighAnn saw those seeds flourish in the lives of the mother and child she helped that day.

“She sent me a text and said that baby is healthy and thriving,” LeighAnn said, adding that she is so “blessed” to be a part of the network.

A Network of Rescuers

Elizabeth and LeighAnn are two of 34 nurses assisting women through the Abortion Pill Rescue Network’s 24/7 helpline (877-558-0333), which is operated by Heartbeat International and backed by more than 800 medical providers offering Abortion Pill Reversal. To date, the network has helped rescue more than 900 babies from in-progress chemical abortions.

Christa Brown, director of medical impact for Heartbeat International, described the everyday work of nurses like Elizabeth and LeighAnn.

“During a typical shift, these remarkable healthcare professionals often are communicating with multiple clients and providers simultaneously,” she said. “They patiently answer questions, explain the reversal process, and locate providers to assist these brave women who call us who are wanting to make a different choice after starting a chemical abortion.”

Otherwise known as the “abortion pill” or RU-486, chemical abortions typically involve two drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone, the first drug, destabilizes a pregnancy by blocking progesterone, the natural hormone needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy. To finish the abortion, misoprostol induces labor, forcing a woman’s body to deliver the baby.

The reversal protocol, which was developed by physicians George Delgado and Matt Harrison more than a decade ago, works by giving a woman extra progesterone up to 72 hours after she takes the first chemical abortion drug.

Today, the Abortion Pill Rescue Network continues to grow, as do the numbers of lives saved through the protocol. Under Heartbeat International’s management, the Abortion Pill Rescue Network is streamlining its processes, developing a new client intake program to help with data collection and enable the healthcare team to efficiently serve women in need.

This summer, Heartbeat International held its first-ever on-site training for the team of nurses at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, providing education from the group’s top experts and introducing the healthcare team to the team at Option Line who takes calls for the Abortion Pill Rescue Network.

Brown says that as the network continues to grow, Heartbeat International continues to seek caring nurses to assist with the helpline. Healthcare professionals wishing to be considered for this role can send a resume to

“This team works diligently to save the lives of many children every single day,” she said. “The stories Elizabeth and LeighAnn shared are just a sampling of the many women and babies helped through their work on APR Hotline as they offer women truth and real choice.”

Editor’s note: This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.