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Legislative Alert: Florida Parental Consent, SB-404

by | Dec 5, 2019

Action Needed: Florida Parental Consent hearing set for December 10

By Jan Halisky, Vice-President for Legislative Affairs, Florida Right to Life

Jan. G. Halisky

When we last left off, the Parental Consent bill was stalled when it first came before the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee due to 15 amendments submitted by Democrats. At that hearing, the amendments were all killed, but there was not sufficient time to hear the original bill on its merits. That hearing has now been set for December 10, 2019, at 10 a.m.

We are therefore asking that you please once again write to the Senators of the Health Policy Committee as soon as possible, requesting that the Parental Consent bill be voted favorably and moved forward toward ultimate passage.

Parental Consent

To renew the background on the importance of this bill to the pro-life cause, here is what I said to you in my first legislative alert:

Back in 1989 the Florida Legislature had already enacted parental consent into law. Unfortunately, in that year the case of In re T.W. came before the then very liberal Florida Supreme Court, and the Court struck down Florida’s parental consent law.

In the process that decision created an abortion right in Florida which was even more radical than Roe v. Wade. Thus if abortion is ever to be eliminated, or even restricted in Florida, In re T.W. will first have to be reversed.

With the election of Gov. Ron DeSantis and his appointment of three new conservative justices to the Florida Supreme Court, the situation has changed. The majority on the Court now consists of conservative, strict-constructionist justices. This creates an opportunity for the Court to reexamine In re T.W.

If the Legislature now passes the Parental Consent Bill, the Court would then have an opportunity not only to restore parental rights, but also to reexamine the whole radically pro-abortion regime established by the prior Court. Thus passage of the Parental Consent bill is very important— almost essential— to set the stage to make Florida a pro-life state.

The member contact information for the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee is below. Thank you very much for helping once again.

FLA Senate Seal
Health Policy Committee Members

Senator Gayle Harrell, Chairman
Tel: (850) 487-5025

Senator Lori Berman, Vice-Chairman
Tel: (850) 487-5031

Senator Dennis Baxley
Tel: (850) 487-5012

Senator Aaron Bean
Tel: (850) 487-5004

Senator Lauren Frances Book
Tel: (850) 487-5032

Senator Janet Cruz
Tel: (850) 487-5018

Senator Manny Diaz, Jr.
Tel: (850) 487-5036

Senator Ed Hooper
Tel: (850) 487-5016

Senator Debbie Mayfield
Tel: (850) 487-5017

Senator Darryl Ervin Rouson
Tel: (850) 487-5019

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