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Man confesses to murder for hire in the death of his pregnant girlfriend who refused to abort

by | Dec 19, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

An ex-Austin police officer, who was extradited from Indonesia where he fled in 2015, pled guilty to having Samantha Dean, his pregnant girlfriend, murdered when she refused to abort their child.

VonTrey Clark will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. The prosecution had sought the death penalty.

Clark had pled not guilty for years.

Witnesses said he offered $5,000 to have Samantha Dean murdered.

He read his confession Monday in open court packed with the Dean family and supporters.

Clark, a former Austin police officer, “had plead not guilty in the 2015 shooting death of Samantha Dean, a Kyle Police Department crime victims counselor who was seven months pregnant with his child,” the Austin Statesman reported. “Clark was charged with capital murder five months after authorities found Dean’s body with three fatal gunshot wounds behind a vacant office building in Bastrop County.”

Taylor Dean, Samantha Dean’s younger sister, spoke directly to Clark.

“The one person that I can turn to for moral advice or support is gone, thanks to you,” Taylor Dean said. “You stole my favorite person.

“But that’s not all. You stole an innocent child, you stole my niece. It’s incredible that someone so small could bring so much joy,” she went on. “You stole our future memories, too.”

Brandon Mulder of the Austin Statements reported on the two men Clark hired.

“Kevin L. Watson initially pleaded not guilty in 2016 but he amended his plea to guilty in September this year. He is expected to serve 35 years in prison.”

Freddie Smith was indicted in September by a grand jury on murder charges. His arraignment is scheduled for January 6, according to Mulder.

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