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Abortion Industry pushing Teleabortions in Pennsylvania

by | Jan 20, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The abortion industry is engaged in a major push in Pennsylvania for telemedicine abortions (“teleabortions”).

These abortions occur when the abortionist is not physically present, but communicates with the woman via computer screen.

Three abortion facilities in the Keystone State recently applied for telemedicine status: Planned Parenthood in York; PPSP Far Northeast Health Center in Philadelphia; and PPSP West Chester Health Center in West Chester.

You can see the state Health Department inspection reports verifying the telemedicine applications here.

Interestingly enough, the PPSP Far Northeast Health Center in Philadelphia failed its previous inspection in October (Click here for details).

Chemical abortions using the abortion drug RU-486 have been on the rise in Pennsylvania. If telemedicine abortions are given the go-ahead, it is expected that the chemical abortion rate in the Commonwealth will skyrocket.

In light of these disturbing developments, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives amended a telemedicine bill (Senate Bill 857) to prevent the distribution of dangerous drugs—such as RU 486—through telemedicine.

The bill has now gone back to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration.

Urgent Legislative Alert: Pennsylvania residents are urged to contact their state Senator and encourage him or her to support the House-passed version of Senate Bill 857. If you do not know who your state Senator is, or you need contact information, click here.

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