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Baby Tinslee’s mother speaks out

by | Jan 9, 2020

By Texas Right to Life

Trinity Lewis, mother of Baby Tinslee, spoke out about her daughter’s case for the first time since last Thursday’s anti-Life ruling and the following reprieve the family won on Friday.

Trinity stated the 10-Day Rule “takes away my job as her mother and let’s other people who do not even know her decide whether her life is worth living.”

The family’s attorney Joe Nixon provided an update on the next steps of the case and further said, “We’re going to go to the end – not just for her but for you. For every patient in every Texas hospital, this fight needs to be resolved favorably. Not just for Trinity and Tinslee, but for you and your family as well.”

Trinity concluded, “I’m not going to say my biggest fear is losing her because I know that everybody has to pass away, but my fear is them pulling the plug on her… without me being able to make that decision for her.”

Read Trinity’s full statement:

My name is Trinity Lewis and I am Tinslee’s mother. I have spent the last 11 months educating myself on Tinslee’s medical needs and being here for my daughter. My biggest priority is getting Tinslee appropriate care so I can make the best decisions for my baby.

This situation takes away my job as her mother and let’s other people who do not even know her decide whether her life is worth living.

Tinslee is nasally intubated. While Cooks’ [Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth] media reports say she is heavily sedated, one reason is because otherwise she would try to pull the tubes out of her nose. Additionally, Tinslee is awake most of the time when I am with her. Because of the medicines she receives and because I watch her every day in the hospital, I do not think she is suffering. Cook’s has been saying these things to support their opinions to immediately end her life, which we, her family, do not believe is the best plan for Tinslee.

Cook’s has been saying that Tinslee has pulmonary hypertension. But several really great doctors who are NOT with Cook’s reviewed her medical records in December and told us that they do not see ANY signs of pulmonary hypertension.

I have asked for a tracheotomy since approximately August that would make her more comfortable and give us other possible healthcare options for her. She may even get to go home if she had a trach. Since Cook’s has refused to perform a tracheotomy for my daughter, I ask that they uphold their offer of giving emergency privileges to other physicians who can perform a tracheotomy. That would help transition Tinslee out of the hospital and home on palliative care.

To be completely clear, Cook’s does not have my permission to talk publicly or to the media about my baby’s private medical information.

Just like any parent, I want the best for my daughter. I definitely respect Tinslee’s physicians’ abilities and their opinions, but I have not had a voice in her current care plan. I know that my daughter’s medical needs are complex, but I am praying for someone to give her a chance. As her family, we want Tinslee transferred out of Cook Children’s immediately to another facility that will help us transition Tinslee into palliative care with home health support. But my voice and my wishes for my daughter mean nothing under the 10-Day Rule.

I fully believe Tinslee’s life is in God’s hands, and that she deserves a fair and fighting chance at life, however long God has for her.

Thank you.

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