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Lone Massachusetts abortion clinic that kills unborn babies up to 24 weeks in dire financial shape

by | Jan 7, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

The ultra-proabortion Boston Globe would lament the possible closing of any abortion clinic in what Globe writer Stephanie Ebbert describes as “progressive Massachusetts.”

But when it is Women’s Health Services in Brookline launching a GoFundMe page to raise $250,000 fast, it’s time to panic.

It’s not just that Women’s Health Services is “the state’s third busiest abortion clinic [that] could close soon without financial health.” It’s that

Outside of hospitals, Women’s Health Services is the only standalone clinic in the state that offers abortions up to the state’s legal limit of 24 weeks. Comparably, three Planned Parenthood clinics in Massachusetts stop offering abortion services 20 weeks, six days after a woman’s last period.

Evidentially even the powerhouse Planned Parenthood , which took the lives of 345,672 unborn babies in 2018 (according to its annual report released yesterday), is wary of the blowback when you abort huge, pain-capable unborn children.

If you go to The Endowment for Human Development, you’ll be amazed at what the unborn child is capable of at 24 weeks. Moreover, “The 24-week fetus weighs about 1¼ pounds and measures about 12 inches from head to heel.”

Back to the woe-is-me Globe article about the Women’s Health Services. So why did Laurent “Lolly” Delli-Bovi, medical director, write “We are at a crossroads”?

The answer is fascinating. According to Ebbert

The crisis at Women’s Health Services does not stem directly from a cut to government funding, but from the failure to win a grant of several hundred thousand dollars it had requested for debt relief from the National Abortion Federation, Delli-Bovi said.

But it reflects the pressure that the clinic was already under, providing abortions at less than cost, and the realities of today’s landscape for reproductive rights organizations. With clinics dwindling in states like Missouri and Louisiana and behemoths like Planned Parenthood competing for donors nationwide, it has been hard for abortion rights advocates to grab attention in a blue state like Massachusetts.

Consider this. Massachusetts has already elevated abortion promotion to an art form. But that’s not enough.

Consider this. Massachusetts has already elevated abortion promotion to an art form. But that’s not enough. The legislature is primed to pass a bill in which ALL limitations would be axed.

More, not fewer, abortion clinics would be needed if parental consent requirements are eliminated and the state funds abortions, to cite just two of the devastating impacts should “the ROE act” become law.

In summary, the thrust of the story is that Women’s Health Services in Brookline does the noble work of performing late abortions for which it is not compensated sufficiently; passage of pro-life legislation elsewhere means the attention is paid to places such as Missouri and Louisiana, not to “progressive Massachusetts); and that “behemoths like Planned Parenthood” are attracting big donors.

Of course not a word—not a syllable—in the story about the overall sharp decline in the “market.” Back in September, the Guttmacher Institute, the Abortion Industry’s think-tan k, released a report showing there were 862,320 abortions performed in the U.S. in 2017 . This signaled a decrease of almost 64,000 a year from the 926,190 Guttmacher reported just three years prior, a decline of 7%.

Ebbert’s penultimate paragraph tells her readers

So far, the GoFundMe page has raised nearly $30,000, and a November fundraiser brought in $65,000, Delli-Bovi said. She’s not sure how long that will stave off financial realities.

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