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New poll commissioned by Knights of Columbus shows continuing strong pro-life sentiment

by | Jan 22, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Not surprisingly, two new polls on abortion were made public today, the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. We address them separately. The first is the 12th annual Marist Poll conducted for the Knights of Columbus; the second another tedious, misleading representation of the public’s stance on abortion from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

You can read the actual Marist Poll questions and answers here. This annual poll is always extremely helpful because it asks questions that no one else poses. Here is just some of the important information you can glean from reading “Americans’ Opinion on Abortion.”

*Pro-abortionists hate ultrasounds for the simple reason they allow women to see whom it is whose existence they are “terminating.”

The public thinks otherwise.

By an 11 point margin (52% to 41%), Americans support requiring a woman to have an ultrasound at least 24 hours before having an abortion. Another quality of the Marist Polls is they tell us the level of pro-life sentiment about those who identify as “pro-choice.” In this instance, even 38% of pro-choicers support the ultrasound requirement.

*By a 10 point margin (55% to 45%), the 1,237 adults who responded support banning abortions performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy, except to save the life of the mother. That includes not only 69% support among pro-lifers but also 45% among self-identified pro-choicers.

*The funding question is more pivotal than ever. Pro-abortion Democrats desperately want to eliminate the Hyde Amendment which bans almost all federal funding of abortions and which has saved over 2 million lives. But Democrats are way out of step with the public.

60% oppose using tax dollars to pay for a woman’s abortion to only 37% that do. Note that 55% of Independents are also against using tax dollars to fund women’s’ abortions.

And this might slip by, but shouldn’t. Over three-quarters (76%) resist using tax dollars to support abortion in other countries. That includes 61% of pro-choicers. Exporting abortion is a major objective of the Abortion Establishment.

*What about aborting children who are identified as having Down syndrome? A whopping 65% oppose abortion because the child will be born with Down syndrome.

*A total of 46% shall abortion should be available in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life (26%); only to save the mother’s life (11%); or never permitted under any circumstances (9%).

Another 24% say abortion should be available only in the first three months, for a total of 70%. And finally,

*A vitally important question you only see asked in Marist Polls commissioned by the Knights of Columbus. They ask whether it is “possible to have laws which protect both the health and well-being of a woman and the life of the unborn” or is it “necessary for laws to choose to protect one and not the other?”

Four of five respondents (80%) say laws can protect them both!

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