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Pro-life Congressmen commemorate upcoming 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

by | Jan 16, 2020

Editor’s note. On Wednesday pro-life Republican Members of the House devoted an entire hour to speeches commemorating next week’s 47th anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade decision. We will repost them all, beginning with the introductory remarks delivered by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.)

Rep. Chris Smith

Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. Next week, tens of thousands of women and men from around the country will March for Life making clear to the country and to the world that women and unborn babies deserve the utmost respect, love, and protection from the violence of abortion.

Sadly, Mr. Speaker, since 1973 over 61 million unborn babies have been killed by either dismemberment, a procedure where the child is decapitated and torn apart, arms, legs, and torso, or by chemical poison.

The loss of children’s lives in America is staggering. A death toll that equates with the entire population of Italy.

It is my very distinct honor to yield to Congressman Jim Banks who has been a leader in defending the innocent and most vulnerable.

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