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Teenager sentenced to 65 years in prison for the murders of 17-year- old Breana Rouhselang and her six-month-old unborn child

by | Jan 10, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

When last we wrote about Aaron Trejo, of Mishawaka, Indiana, the teenage football player had just pled guilty to murdering 17-year- old Breana Rouhselang and her six-month-old unborn child in 2018. This after 10 months of professing his innocence.

According to court documents, Rouhseland’s body was found in a black garbage bag. She had been stabbed multiple times.

This week, the Associated Press reported

St. Joseph Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Hurley sentenced Aaron Trejo on Tuesday to 55 years for murder and 10 years for feticide after weighing several factors, including the violent nature of the crime. Those sentences will run consecutively, with no time suspended. …

“You took her life in one of the most savage and violent manners I have seen in my career,” Hurley told Trejo before announcing his sentence.

Melissa Wallace, Rouhselang’s mother, had asked the judge to sentence her daughter’s murderer to life in prison.

“I’m glad we got justice for Bre,” she said after Tuesday’s hearing, the AP reported. “But no amount of time will ever replace what he took from me.”

The South Bend Tribune reported that Wallace said in a statement, which she read in the courtroom, “Life goes on, but for me it’s put on hold until I see her in Heaven.”

As we reported back on December 12, the charging document asserted that Viejo told police he strangled and stabbed Rouhselang because she had waited to tell him about her pregnancy until it was too late for her to get an abortion.

According to ABC News Radio

Trejo allegedly admitted to investigators that he stabbed Rouhselang in the heart with a knife after they argued over her pregnancy, according to a charging document.

He allegedly told police that he went to Rouhselang’s house with a knife “because he thought it would kill Breana quickly,” according to the charging document.

As NRL News Today also reported last December, Trejo, who was tried as an adult, could be charged in the death of the unborn baby because of a new law passed in Indiana.

“Signed in March [2018] by Gov. Eric Holcomb, Senate Enrolled Act 203 permits charges of murder, manslaughter and feticide against any person killing an unborn child, at any stage of development, during the commission of a felony,” Indiana Right to Life explained. “Sen. Aaron Freeman (District 32) authored the bill after hearing from a woman in his district whose pregnant daughter and grandchild were killed in a homicide.”

Miss Rouhselang’s father and step-mother had said they did not know Rouhselang was pregnant. Viejo was a football player at Mishawaka High School.

Rouhselang was a cheerleader at the same high school, a softball player, and football team manager. She “went missing in December after she had gone outside her family home to talk to Trejo,” according to Ben Kesslen of NBC News.

Dave Rouhselang, Breana’s father, told 16 News Now, “She was probably the nicest, most genuine, caring, innocent person you could probably meet.”

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