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“Today I call on my colleagues to search their souls, just as Ms. McCorvey—‘Jane Roe’—did and choose life”

by | Jan 21, 2020

Editor’s note. Last week pro-life Republican Members of the House devoted an entire hour to speeches commemorating this week’s 47th anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade decision. We will repost them all. We’ve reposted seven thus far. Today we are reposting the remarks of Reps. John Rose, Ron Wright, and Jim Baird. (accompanied by YouTube videos).

Rep. John Rose (R-TN)

Mr. Speaker, today, on behalf of the tens of millions of voices forever lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade, I come before this body to mourn the tragic loss of life our country has experienced in this last 47 years.

The Tennesseeans I represent overwhelmingly support the right to life; and like most folks in Tennessee’s Sixth Congressional District, I firmly believe that life begins at conception. Throughout my first term in Congress, I have been proud to fight for the children still to come who cannot speak for themselves.

As a father, I am especially touched by the solemn and joyous responsibility our Heavenly Father entrusts to us through the blessing of little ones. Even one child’s life shortened before reaching his or her own God-given potential is a tragedy, and yet that has happened tens of millions of times in the last 47 years since Roe v. Wade was decided in the Supreme Court.

Heartbreakingly, Norma McCorvey, also known as “Jane Roe,” was a real mother, and, ultimately, she was a real advocate for the unborn. Later in her life, Ms. McCorvey came to faith in God and joined the pro-life community in believing that every child’s life is worth protecting.

Ms. McCorvey is no longer with us, but her story lives on. Today I call on my colleagues to search their souls, just as Ms. McCorvey—Jane Roe—did and choose life.

Who are we to decide which precious children designed by God have the chance to live on this Earth and which do not?

Our country was founded with this belief underscored: ‘‘that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’’

With the words of the Declaration of Independence in mind, I signed onto an amicus brief supporting life in the upcoming June Medical Services v. Gee Supreme Court case. It is well past time for the Supreme Court to uphold the right to life and overrule Roe v. Wade.

Ms. McCorvey—‘Jane Roe’—agreed, and, overwhelmingly, so do the Tennesseans that I represent. In this new decade, may our country’s legacy be of life and a new generation of hope.

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