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A growing sense of panic about prominent Democrats

by | Feb 18, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

One of my weaknesses is that I often spend far too much time looking up quotes to illustrate a point. But today the time was well spent. 

This quote comes from “The Man With the Twisted Lip,” in which Sherlock Holmes tells Dr. Watson, “But it is better to learn wisdom late than never to learn it at all.”

What was I looking to illustrate? How pro-abortion Democrats are finally—finally—beginning to acknowledge the pickle they find themselves  in as they do battle with pro-life President Donald Trump. The impetus for all this was a story posted today at The Hill under the headline, “Democrats worried about Trump’s growing strength.” 

It may be more resignation than wisdom, but, it appears, they are beginning to honestly assess the lay of the land.

Contrary to the cliché, hindsight is not 20-20. You can look at how something turned out but attribute it to all the wrong causes. In this case, however, what the “worried Democrats” were stressing out about were things that, unless you were blinded by hate (as they were), you would have realized long ago. Were they not so convinced the public shared their contempt, the light would have come on months and months ago, 

Here are some examples of what ought to have been obvious.

*The major media, pro-abortion Democrats, and the Never-Trumpers have unceasingly lectured the President’s supporters, which include massive numbers of pro-lifers and Evangelical Protestants,  that we should abandon him. It is practically our moral duty, we are advised by no less a partisan than Sen. Ben Cardin(D-Md.). And surely if a Democrat-controlled House impeaches President Trump, that ought to convince us to jump ship.

But as The Hill’s Alexander Bolton wrote today, “Democratic lawmakers, however, were dismayed by signs that Trump’s approval ratings got stronger over the course of the impeachment process, which fired up the GOP base and failed to register as a priority among independents and swing voters.”

People are not stupid. They recognize a railroading when they see it.

*Joe Biden. To be clear, while he pretty much brought up the rear in Iowa and New Hampshire, the former Vice President is still a player in a very, very weak field of candidates. However, Bolton writes, “Publicly, Democratic lawmakers are putting on a brave face, but behind closed doors anxiety is mounting over the unraveling of former Vice President Joe Biden.”

As we discussed from the very beginning, anyone who has watched Biden’s previous presidential campaigns knew he is a horrible candidate. Gaffe-prone, quick to anger when challenged, and uninspiring, Biden is a disaster waiting to happen every time he speaks. 

Support from the African-American community (particularly key in South Carolina) was said to be his “firewall.” But if Democrats were desperate to defeat Trump, why would anyone think African-Americans would mindlessly stay with him as his campaign disintegrates?

*Trump would have a head start on whomever eventually is the Democrat candidate for President. That’s called incumbency and the absence of a meaningful Republican challenger. That is one reason, among many, that panicky Democrats are casting a loving eye at pro-abortion Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican mayor, but one of the richest men in the world. However all the money in the world will not change that Bloomberg carries more baggage than a baggage car. 

*Bolton writes, “A second Democratic senator confirmed there is broad concern among colleagues over what they see as a difficult path to beating Trump and stressed that is why it will be extremely important for everyone to embrace the eventual nominee, even if that candidate is viewed by some as too liberal or too moderate.” The Democrat presidential field has no “moderates” or “centrists,” as a recent Washington Post editorial insisted by way of forestalling the far left from bolting if Sen. Bernie Sanders is not the nominee.

This illustrates something that you could have readily predicted at least three years ago. The Democrat Party now stands for positions which one upon a time it would have rightly considered to be “poison pills.” Now all the candidates embrace extremist positions on virtually every issue, including abortion on demand up until birth (and perhaps beyond), all paid for by taxpayers. One more.

*To come full circle, Bolton’s story begins, “Senate Democrats are privately acknowledging that President Trump will be very tough to beat in November if the economy stays strong and he draws on the substantial advantages of running as an incumbent.” 

The strong economy is not one you could have easily predicted would come to pass but has been the case for most of President Trump’s first three years. Yet the current booming economy is something most Democrats publicly insist is not the product of President Trump’s stewardship but President Obama’s!

No wonder “Democrats worried about Trump’s growing strength.”

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