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Florida parental consent bill on its way to pro-life Gov. DeSantis for his signature

by | Feb 21, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

And now it is official. Both Houses of the Florida legislature have passed The Parental Consent Before a minor’s Abortion Bill, a bill pro-life Gov. Ron DeSantis made a legislative priority.

Pro-life Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Thursday’s vote in the House on HB 265 was 75 to 43. As NRL News Today previously reported, on February 6, the Senate passed the companion bill (SB 404) on a vote of 23-17.

“February 20, 2020 was my 63rd birthday,” said Lynda Bell, president of Florida Right to Life. “I can’t think of a better birthday present than the passage of this commonsense bill.” Bell, who is also chair of the board of National Right to Life, added

“The passage of this bill is a victory for Florida Families and returns protections for our minor girls. This historic bill will save countless lives of unborn babies and minor girls. It is bizarre that a minor girl can’t get her ears pierced, a tattoo, or even get an aspirin at school without a parent’s permission but she can get an abortion! Abortion is a serious surgical and psychologically devastating procedure. Parents have the right to be involved and girls have the right to be protected.”

Bell noted that current polling has shown a clear and overwhelming bipartisan support for “Parental Consent.” Even among those who consider themselves “pro-choice,” 73% of Floridians believe in and support this legislation.

Senate sponsor Sen. Kelli Stargel

Senate bill sponsor Sen. Kelli Stargel, said her legislation is “not a pro-choice or pro-life bill.” Stargel added, “This is about whether or not you’re going to have adults involved in difficult decisions with children.”

House sponsor, Rep. Erin Grall, rebutted pro-abortion assertions that “it is unfair for male-dominated legislative bodies to impose laws on women and girls,” according to the Palm Beach Post

“No one group of people, gender of people owns this issue,” she said. “There is, consistently, an acknowledgement that what we are talking about is a child. And here, what we are talking about is a child who is carrying a child.”

As NRL News Today reported, Gov. DeSantis, in his Second State of the State address delivered last month,  said, “I hope that the Legislature will send me this session the parental consent bill that last year was passed by the House but not by the Senate.”

House sponsor Rep. Erin Grall

In 1989, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a law that required parental consent.  Since he became governor, however, DeSanctis has replaced three justices on the state’s highest court— Justices Barbara Pariente, Fred Lewis and Peggy Quince—who had reached the mandatory retirement age of 70. They were replaced by  Barbara Lagoa, Robert Luck, and Carlos Muniz.

Florida Right to Life expressed its gratitude to all those who made passage possible:

Florida Right to Life would like to thank the bill’s prime sponsors, Representative Erin Grall and Senator Kelli Stargel. They are champions of the family and showed great courage and leadership in their sponsorship and defense of this Historic legislation that puts families back in the conversation concerning their underage children. They stood strong and endured an onslaught of false information and multiple attempts to sabotage the legislation and they did it!

Florida Right to Life rallied the troops and lobbied this bill with great intensity. We would like to thank our members who showed up for numerous committee hearings and often left without being heard because of time expiring. Our members persevered and returned again and again to wave in support and share their personal and heartbreaking abortion stories.

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