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NRLC’s 7th annual “The State of Abortion in America,” 2020 is must reading for pro-life activists

by | Feb 20, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This appears in the February digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share this story and others from the latest edition of the “Pro-Life Newspaper of Record.”

On January 22, 2020, the 47th anniversary of the wretched Roe v. Wade decision, NRLC published its 7th annual “State of Abortion in America.”

To jump ahead to the second section, “The Equal Rights Amendment,” pro-abortion organizations are much more frank about how they intend to use the ERA were it to be ratified in its present form. This section of “The State of Abortion in America” goes into great detail, debunking the notion that when Virginia voted to ratify the ERA, it had now met the constitutional requirement of ratification by three-quarters of the 50 states. Here are two keep paragraphs. 

“Douglas D. Johnson, who directed National Right to Life’s ERA-related efforts during his years as the organization’s Federal Legislative Director (1981-2016), and continues to do so today as National Right to Life Senior Policy Advisor, has made the following observation:

This is an attempt to air-drop into the Constitution a sweeping provision that could be used to attack any federal, state, or local law or policy that in any way limits abortion — abortion in the final months, partial-birth abortion, abortions on minors, government funding of abortion, conscience-protection laws, you name it. Pro-abortion advocates have been unable to accomplish their goal by the amendment process provided in Article V of the Constitution – their proposal expired unratified 40 years ago — so they are attempting to accomplish it through a brazen political campaign, dressed up in legal terminology.”

In Part One, “United States Abortion Numbers,” Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC Director of Education & Research, offers a thorough, in-depth analysis of the two primary sources of abortion data: from the  Guttmacher Institute and from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Guttmacher is far and away more accurate because it does not rely on the willingness of state health departments to send information to it, as does the CDC. However the CDC is helpful for other reasons.

The encouraging conclusion? [Underlining added.]

In September 2019, Guttmacher Institute released a report showing there were 862,320 abortions performed in the U.S. in 2017. This signals a decrease of almost 64,000 a year from the 926,190 Guttmacher reported just three years prior in 2014, and nearly half what it was at the 1990 peak when there were there were over 1.6 million recorded. Abortion rates and abortion ratios are also down, showing this reflects a real cultural change and not merely some statistical fluke.

The report addresses such important subjects as Planned Parenthood: More Abortion, Less Care–An Analysis of the Abortion Giant’s Annual Report; Federal Policy & Abortion Overview; State Laws & Abortion; Synopsis of U.S. Supreme Court Cases; and The Presidential Record on Life.

As a renowned expert on PPFA, Dr. O’Bannon did the heavy lifting on the Planned Parenthood chapter.  In just four pages, which include very helpful graphics, you’ll benefit from a keen analysis of this abortion giant. As Dr. O’Bannon writes

The organization’s latest annual report makes it plain that Planned Parenthood continues to be all about abortion, in more ways than one. The record number of abortions speaks for themselves, as do the declining figures for genuine health care services.

So why doesn’t PPFA’s image suffer?

Much of their favorable public image stems from their obfuscation of how much abortion contributes to their bottom line, as demonstrated by a 2013 poll conducted by The Polling Company. That poll found 56% of respondents did not believe or did not know that Planned Parenthood’s affiliates performed abortions

Please take some time this week to read “The State of Abortion in America,” section by section. The overviews of state and federal abortions are must reading.

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