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The Hill newspaper asks whether this was the “best week ever” for President Trump

by | Feb 7, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

I can easily understand why the overwhelming bulk of the major media outlets are as angry as hornets. They want pro-life President Donald Trump gone—at a minimum impeached and convicted, better yet defeated for a second term in November—in the worse possible way.

But not only did the Senate not convict the President on either of two impeachment charges, President Trump’s personal job approval number reached 49% in Gallup’s survey this week, exactly mirroring the 49% reported this morning by Rasmussen in its Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. The headline for the story written by The Hill’s Scott Wong Thursday went even further, asking “Trump’s best week ever?”

What else helped make this possibly the best week ever for President Trump? The obvious—the debacle in Iowa—which shows no signs of resolution.

At this moment, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg appear to have ended in a statistical tie, allowing both to declare victory as they headed to New Hampshire. But, as Wong mentions, “The New York Times on Thursday reported errors and inconsistencies with the count, and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez soon called on the state party to immediately start a recanvass.”

And, if that wasn’t bad enough news for Democrats, “two top leaders of the host committee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee were fired for creating a toxic work environment — a negative story that largely flew below the radar this week because of the Iowa disaster, Trump acquittal and State of the Union,” Wong reported.

For pro-lifers, if you go back just a few days more—to January 24—you have the first President ever to personally attend the March for Life. President Trump’s remarks [see here] were encouraging, motivational, and inspirational.

A good—very good—two weeks for unborn children and their defenders.

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