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The sweetest Valentine I ever received

by | Feb 14, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

I remember the sweetest Valentine I ever received. One February 14th, when my daughter was four years old, we wandered into a drug store. My little girl immediately gravitated to the greeting card section.

Although she could not read, she pointed to the card she wanted me to buy. It was addressed to “Mother” and was emblazoned with deep purple lilacs. I treasure that card to this day, because it symbolizes my daughter’s profound and abiding love.

Similarly, another keepsake that I hold close to my heart is a photograph of my beloved mother, who passed away eight years ago. When I see her smiling countenance, one word comes to mind—“love.” She was the embodiment of love to me.

And so it is with the pro-life movement. 

For pro-lifers, every day is Valentine’s Day, for each day is another opportunity to share love. The recipient might be a pregnant woman facing challenging times…a new father trying to come to grips with his new responsibilities…or an older person who is fighting off an “offer” for doctor-prescribed suicide. Whether a stranger or friend, an acquaintance or family member, each person is worthy of the pro-lifer’s time, attention, and care.

The pro-life movement is powered and sustained by love—a love willing to make sacrifices, to face incredible odds. A love that is selfless, courageous, and ennobling. A love that knows no bounds.

I often think that the pro-life movement could also be called the pro-love movement, for at its heart is a boundless charity which envelops everyone from the child in the womb to the elderly person in a hospital bed. It is an all-encompassing love which does not discriminate—how could it when our foundational principle is the inestimable worth of each and every human being?–nor does it hold back. It is a love that has been time-tested  and spans generations. It is timeless and true, tender and tenacious.

When I see the faces of the people who work at my National Right to Life affiliate, I see the face of love in all its beauty and joy.

The world so needs this pro-life, pro-love movement. I am so blessed to be a part of it!   

And so are you.

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