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Update on “Value Them Both” Constitutional Amendment

by | Feb 6, 2020

By Kansans for Life

The “Value Them Both” Amendment advanced past debate Wednesday, February 5. Yet, it is 4 votes shy of the 84 needed (a two-thirds approval vote is required) to place the measure on the ballot.

To be clear, voting against this amendment is an endorsement of abortion up to the moment of birth in Kansas and an opposition to regulations like parental notification for minors seeking abortion. Truly, voting against “Value Them Both” is a vote for unlimited abortion.

Contact the following legislators now and urge them to change their votes: 

Don Hineman (R-Dighton)   785.296.7384

Tom Phillips (R-Manhattan)   785.290.7402   

Bill Pannbacker (R-Washington)   785.296.7637  

Jan Kessinger (R-Overland Park)   785.296.7436

Jeff Pittman (D-Leavenworth)   785.296.7522

Tim Hodge (D-Newton)   785.296.2361

Kathy Wolfe Moore (D-Kansas City)   785.296.0424

Or, if you live in one of these districts, you can send a pre-written message at the link below:

Message Representatives to Change to a “Yes” Vote

Tell them to stop playing politics with the safety of women and their babies.

For Life,
KFL Legislative Team

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