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Utah Senate passes bill to make possible the humane disposal of the bodies of aborted babies

by | Feb 12, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Utah State Sen. Sen. Curt Bramble

Last year, as NRL News Today reported, the United States Supreme Court sided with the state of Indiana, agreeing that unborn human remains must receive dignified disposal. 

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported

Similar bills regulating the disposal of fetal remains have been introduced in six other states: Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights. Two of those, Pennsylvania and Ohio, have also passed through one chamber. New regulations have also been discussed in Tennessee, and Indiana is weighing an amendment to its 2016 law.

The Utah Senate on Tuesday passed a different version,  22-6. Senate Bill 67  “would leave the decision of what happens to the remains up to the woman who had the abortion or miscarriage,” which includes either burying or cremating the baby’s remains. Sen. Curt Bramble explained the SB 67 allows, but not require, a woman to choose whether a fetus is buried or cremated.

According to Connor Richards of the Standard-Examiner,  “(The) overarching impact of this bill is that it requires the remains of an unborn child, whether that child’s life is forfeit through an abortion or tragically ended through a miscarriage, … to be treated with dignity,” said Sen. Bramble on Monday, when the bill passed through the Senate on its second reading.

The bill now moves on to the Utah House.

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