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Virginia General Assembly Final Vote on SB 733 Protects Abortionists

by | Feb 28, 2020

Would eliminate Virginia’s Right to Know Law

By Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Olivia Gans Turner, President Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

On Thursday, the final vote was taken in the General Assembly to protect duplicitous abortionists and abortion industry profiteers at the expense of the safety of Virginia’s women and their unborn children. 

The next-to-last step in stripping out the rational and much-needed Women’s Right to Know law that protects women seeking an abortion happened Thursday afternoon when the House of Delegates voted to pass SB 733. 

The next step is Governor Northam’s desk for his signature, which he will doubtless give. 

The Women’s Right to Know law guarantees that women: are offered factual information about their pregnancies; allowed to see an ultrasound if they wish; learn about other options, to know their legal rights; and given 24-hours to wait and think through the information.

 Delegate Kathy Byron, one of those who helped pass the original Virginia informed consent law in 2001 and who carried the ultrasound law in 2012, spoke with passion about the dreadful consequences of denying women the full range of information that they must have before they make this life and death decision. 

She spoke with compassion for the mothers who live their lives in misery now because they did not get full and factual information from abortionists before paying that person to kill their baby. Democrat pro-abortion supporters lied about why the bill was supposedly needed and what it will do. They made claims that it doesn’t remove informed consent, but it does. 

It removes the requirement that the Virginia Department of Health provide printed materials regarding abortion risks and prenatal development information as well as information about a woman’s rights and options. These materials must be offered or given to her 24-hrs before the abortion, or by phone or email if the mother lives at a distance, but she can refuse them. 

All these reasonable regulations have been tossed out. 

Women who have had abortions testified then and now before the General Assembly that abortionists do not give women these facts. VSHL’s own President, Olivia Gans Turner recounted her own abortion experience with multiple abortionists who told her repeatedly that she was foolish and immature not to have an abortion while in college. 

A Planned Parenthood counselor even told her that she, “probably wasn’t able to think clearly due to her pregnancy.” 

“The effect of this action today is to provide more cover to unscrupulous abortionists who profit from keeping women in the dark about their bodies and their babies,” said Gans Turner. “The abortion industry and its allies in Virginia will be the only ones to benefit from this vote.” 

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