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A tragic loss in more ways than one

by | Mar 19, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

When pro-life Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Illinois) narrowly lost his rematch against pro-abortion Marie Newman in Tuesday’s Democrat primary, it was a tragic setback to the cause of unborn babies for many reasons.

Rep. Lipinski stood tall as the pool of pro-life office holders in his party dried up. With his 47% to 45% loss to Newman (the beneficiary of over a million dollars in assistance from EMILY’S List and NARAL Pro-Choice America), the party that once upon a time bragged it stood “for the little guy” now proudly endorses the annual destruction of over 900,000 of the ultimate little guys.

Rep. Dan Lipinski (center) with National Right to Life Political Director and Derrick Jones, NRL Chief Marketing Officer

Many of us who are older grew up in homes where voting for anyone but for the Democrat was unthinkable. The exodus began with the “Reagan Democrats” who voted in droves for President Ronald Reagan.

Over time, as the saying goes, we didn’t leave the party, the party left us. Support for unlimited abortion subsidized by the public is now party orthodoxy. And, if that weren’t enough to drive you out, with a handful of honorable exceptions, Congressional Democrats are now soft on passive infanticide as well.

I’ve reposted Rep. Lipinski’s remarks below. Read them and you will be proud to be a pro-lifer, Democrat or Republican:

There was one issue that loomed especially large in this campaign: the fact that I am pro-life. I was pilloried in millions of dollars of TV ads and mailers. I was shunned by many of my colleagues and other Democratic Party members and operators because of my pro-life stance. The pressure in the Democratic Party on the life issue has never been as great as it is now. Over the years, I’ve watched many other politicians succumb to pressure and change their position on this issue. I have always said that I would never give up being pro-life and standing up for babies in the womb. Judy [Lipinski’s wife] and I, and tens of millions of Catholics, hold and live this belief. But it is not just based on religious belief. It is based on science, which shows us that life begins at conception. Knowing this, I could never give up protecting the most vulnerable human beings in the world simply to win an election. My faith teaches, and the Democratic Party preaches, that we should serve everyone, especially the most vulnerable. To stand in solidarity with the vulnerable is to become vulnerable. There is no higher calling for anyone.

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