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A wonderful way to start the day, receiving this beautiful scan picture from a member of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

by | Mar 10, 2020

By Antonia Tully

SPUC–Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

What a wonderful way to start the day, receiving this beautiful scan picture from a SPUC member, who is happy to show the world her 12-week old unborn baby.

This little one is giving a wave to mum, dad and six big brothers and sisters. Just look at those perfectly formed little fingers!

So where’s the blob of jelly? Where’s the bundle of cells? This is a tiny baby we’re looking at. And there’s a lot more to this little one than meets the eye.

This unborn baby already has upper and lower eyelids, an outer and inner ear. Baby’s hearing and balancing mechanisms are well established.

Scan sent in by a SPUC member.

And this baby has his or her very own fingerprints. Baby’s brain waves can be recorded and apart from the lungs all his/her organs are now functioning.

At 11 weeks an unborn baby can produce a range of different facial expressions, even what looks like a smile!

This unborn baby has every reason to smile. Conceived in a family, where mum and dad are married means that he/she is statistically safer from abortion. Marriage matters. Families matter.

About 81% of abortions in 2018, in England and Wales, were carried out on single women []. This has been more or less constant for the last 10 years. SPUC will always defend real marriage because it protects unborn babies.

Every new baby is a sign of hope for us all. Looking at this scan picture it is heart breaking to think of those babies whose lives will be snuffed out by abortion. In 2018, 9 out of ten babies, aborted under the Abortion Act 1967, were killed before 13 weeks.

We’ve never known so much about the development of unborn babies. Yet the abortion industry and all its propaganda has stripped unborn babies of all their humanity. If we in the pro-life movement don’t shout their humanity from the rooftops, who will?

So thank you, pro-life family for sharing this lovely picture with us. Thank you little baby for showing us your fingers. Enjoy your nine months in the womb and send us another picture when you reach the outside world!

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