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Ban on elective surgeries includes abortions, Oklahoma Gov. says

by | Mar 27, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt made clear today that his Tuesday Executive Order suspending elective surgeries for 14 days included abortions. The only exceptions are a “medical emergency “or when “necessary to prevent serious health risks to the unborn child’s mother,” the Oklahoman reported.

According to Ryan Sharp,  Friday’s clarification

cited rising demands for hospital beds and a shortage of personal protective equipment as reasoning for the suspension of surgeries.

“We must ensure that our health care professionals, first responders and medical facilities have all the resources they need to combat COVID-19,” Stitt said in a news release. “I am committed to doing whatever necessary to protect those who are on the front lines fighting against this virus.”

As a candidate for governor, Sharp writes, “Stitt vowed to sign every piece of anti-abortion legislation that advances to his desk.”

NRL News Today has reported on a growing number of states which have correctly taken the position that with shortages of Personal Protection Equipment and the importance of “flattening the curve” on the coronavirus, there should not be an exception for abortion carved out from the ban on elective surgeries.

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