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Biden v. Sanders on abortion: a distinction without a difference

by | Mar 10, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Today is the day the Abortion Industry/Media Complex celebrates National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day.  They send kisses and kudos to those men and women who every day (as abortionist Sunoz Soroosh wrote in today) “walk through the doors of the Planned Parenthood health center where I work with a smile, often singing along to a song playing on my headphones.” 

Whistle while you sever, so to speak, hum while you break tiny arms and little legs. I wonder if they give each high fives when they’ve successfully aborted a baby so big he could “walk me to the bus stop,” as convicted murderer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell once jokingly told  employees at his Women’s Medical Society?

With this date no doubt in mind, and trailing in delegates, pro-abortion Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled his “Reproductive Health Care and Justice for All Plan” over the weekend. Short of promising to exile any state legislator who dares to vote for protective abortion laws, there wasn’t any box Sanders failed to check.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

And, as so many pro-abortion Democrats running for President (or not) have promised, Sanders’s team said their candidate vows “to repeal the Hyde Amendment, a controversial legislative provision blocking the use of federal funds to pay for abortion, except in cases where a woman’s life is in danger or if the pregnancy is an outcome of rape or incest,” according to Newsweek’s Chantal Da Silva.

This, of course, is a dig at former Vice President Joe Biden who supported the Hyde Amendment before his Road to the Democratic National Convention conversion experience. Needless to say, the Sanders’ team questions Biden’s sincerity but that’s just to score points. Biden has crossed the Rubicon on that one and there is no going back. (By the way, the Hyde Amendment is a rider to the annual  Health and Human Services appropriations bill, so a President can’t unilaterally end it. Pro-abortionists hate it so because, as National Right to Life has said, the Hyde Amendment is the single most successful domestic “abortion reduction” policy ever enacted by Congress.

So the point of Da Silva’s post is to probe “Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Abortion Access?” She breaks the discussion out into various  categories, the point of which is that back in the day, Biden made pro-life gestures but is now fully ensconced in the pro-abortion camp.

Newsweek interviewed Dr. David N. O’Steen, NRLC’s Executive Director, for an assessment “from the other side.” Here are the key paragraphs:

While O’Steen said that he believed the effect that either Sanders or Biden would have on abortion access would be “identical,” he said it was clear that “Sanders has been consistently pro-abortion,” throughout his career, while Biden, he said, appears willing to try to “placate” both sides of the abortion debate.

“Being Biden, there’s no prediction of what he might say, or whether he even understands what he says,” O’Steen said. “He will try to say things to placate pro-lifers, but in terms of what he actually does, he will be just as pro-abortion in the presidency as Sanders.”

Sanders’ platform, O’Steen said, at least appears to be “understandable.” “It remains to be seen if Biden can articulate [his stance] in an understandable way.”

Ultimately, O’Steen said, he believed Biden “may attempt to obfuscate his position depending on the audience he talks to.” However, he said, that while “Biden may attempt to say, ‘well, I’m personally against abortion, the bottom line is that he will do the same thing Sanders will do.”

The Abortion Establishment gave Da Silva thumbs-up assessments  on both men. Dr. O’Steen did likewise for one man: pro-life President Donald Trump.

Ultimately, O’Steen said that he was committed to doing what he can to see Trump reelected.

“He has done everything he could within his power and within his abilities to protect unborn children,” the NRLC chief said. “I feel this is absolutely sincere.”

With Trump, he said, “he says what he means and he means what he says, whether one agrees with him or not. You know where he stands.”

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