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Democrat presidential field effectively down to Biden and Sanders following Super Tuesday

by | Mar 4, 2020

By Dave Andrusko 

If you ever needed a reminder that politics can turn on a dime, the events of the last  four days provides it many times over

Tossed aside as politically dead just last week, pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden is basking in the glow of a startling turn of events, beginning with last Saturday’s convincing win in the South Carolina primary.

Since then four rivals (all pro-abortion) have dropped out of the fight for their party’s nomination, including billionaire Michael Bloomburg. All those who dropped out threw their support to Biden who carried nine states on “Super Tuesday.” The candidacy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on life support.

The race to decide who will face off against pro-life President Donald Trump is effectively down to Biden and Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, who carried California and three other state yesterday. While Sen. Warren’s future plans are unknown (her campaign manager did send out an all-staff memo “ask[ing] that Warren be given some time to figure out her next move”), Sen. Sanders is preparing for the next batch of five primaries, including delegate-rich Michigan (135), which will take place next Tuesday.

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